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The Carbonated Empire: Coca Cola Co's Global Domination

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The Carbonated Empire: The Scope Coca Cola Co's Global Domination

No other company comes close to matching The Coca Cola Company's reach into the global marketplace, or the hearts and minds of consumers around the world. Take a look at just how big Coke has become.

Company and Brand Overview

Coke was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, GA. An immediate success, Pemberton sold 9 glasses a day the first year. Rights to the beverage were then purchased by Atlanta businessman Asa Griggs Candler for $2300 between 1888-1891. Coca Cola Co. is now the largest beverage company in the world and growing.

  • Employs 146,200 people
  • Partners with over 275 bottling plants
  • Has more than 2.8 million vending machines
  • Most recognized brand in the world
  • Most valuable brand in the world
  • $46.5 billion in revenues in 2011

Brands & Products

  • Coca Cola owns over 500 different brands
  • Owns 15 billion dollar brands (only 33 non-alcoholic beverage brands worth $1B or more)
  • Top four brands (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and Diet Coke) exceeded $10 billion in retail sales in 2011
  • 3,500+ different beverages from sodas, to juices, to energy drinks, to packaged waters and sports drinks


  • Officially marketed and sold in over 200 countries (exceptions include Cuba, North Korea, Burma, and Sudan)
  • Sold 26.7 billion cases of product worldwide in 2011
  • 1.7 billion units sold per day to 20 million customers each week
  • Average of 92 8 oz. servings consumed per person worldwide in 2011

Closest Competitors

  • Pepsi Co.
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Fun facts

  • Soda is the main source of calories in American diets, with the average American consuming 10.8 lbs of sugar from Coke products each year (1.7 billion lbs total per year)
  • There are peer-reviewed scientific papers arguing that Coke is and is not effective as a spermicide
  • 8 oz bottles filled with all of the Coke produced since the company started would reach to the moon and back over 2,000 times
  • Coke spends more on advertising than Apple and Microsoft combined

Coke's Empire