Holacracy: Do You Want a Purpose Driven and Responsive Company?


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Do you want a purpose driven and responsive company?

Tired of…

Corporate hierarchy with upper folks stressed to the limit and lower folks tired of waiting on bureaucracy?

Are all the the decisions passing through one command chain at the top, leaving reaction time lagging?

Then You want a Holacracy!

Professional Development/ Focus on rank
Function based organization/ Focus on the task at hand.

But what is it?
Team Definition

Meet the holon (????):
Greek for "whole"
There are no titles, only roles.

Based on what invigorates you

It's like stakeholders, but centered on personal efficiency.

There are no conflicting messages when it comes to leadership… Each worker has an empowered individual purpose.

And it works – Not just in theory


The David Allen Company
AdScale Laboratories Ltd
Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
The Obvious Corporation
Waking Up at the Workplace
The Integral Center
all use Holacracy.



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