Best Project Management Blogs

The top project managers are always seeking ways to better themselves and their efforts at work by sharing and collaborating with others in the field. One of the most popular ways of doing this is through industry blogs. Here are our picks for the Best Project Management Blogs of 2012.

In putting together this list we considered project management blogs active in 2012. The best of those blogs offered frequent postings with useful, clearly articulated content by authors with demonstrated project management expertise.

Blogs are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Andrew McAfee's Blog
Although it is not strictly for project managers, Andrew McAfee's Blog will be of interest to anyone who is in project management in an IT capacity. Andrew McAfee is the IT professional and researcher who is credited with coining the term enterprise 2.0, which refers to how Web 2.0 tools can be used by businesses. A recent post examines the issue of cloud computing and how it may not be the most cost-effective way to manage a project.

Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad
Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad is not your typical project management blog. Bertrand focuses on how technology and social networking have influenced the industry and how they may be used to successfully complete projects. He is currently the consulting director for the business management consulting firm Nextmodernity. A great post from 2012 explains social business and how it works.

Daniel H. Pink
Daniel H. Pink uses the blog that carries his name to provide informative articles to the public about how the workplace is changing in modern times. Daniel has authored five books and has been called one of the 50 most influential business thinkers in the world. His ideas can be used in any business field, including project management. A post from November 2012 consists of an interview about how negative thinking can be made positive.

Deep Fried Brain
Deep Fried Brain is one of the top blogs specializing in project management professional (PMP) certification. The blog is written and operated by an IT manager and certified PMP in Singapore known only as Harwinder, and it offers serious advice to those who are preparing to take the PMP certification exam. A very informative post made in 2012, "The Holes in Your PMBOK Guide," details several reasons why the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide is not the only resource that should be used when studying for the exam.

Fear No Project
Fear No Project is one of the most eloquently written blogs in the world on the subject of project management. The blog was started in 2009 by Bruce McGraw as a way to share his personal thoughts on project management and general business practices. Some of Bruce's posts are lighthearted musings while others offer serious, professional advice. The most popular of Bruce's posts in 2012 covers project cost estimations in the software industry.

A Girl's Guide to Project Management
This is one of the few blogs on the Internet dedicated to female project managers. It is written and maintained by Elizabeth Harrin, who is the head of IT program delivery for Spire Healthcare in the UK. Since 2006, she has kept her word to make a post at least once per week that can help female project managers around the world. One particularly interesting post from 2012 showcases a video about the last 40 years of project management.

Guerrilla Project Management
Guerrilla Project Management is the blog of Samad Aidane, who is currently a PMP for the Port Authority of Seattle. Samad also conducts a series of popular teleseminars on project management that use the latest discoveries of neuroscience to help project managers further their careers. A recent post about essential leadership skills perfectly embodies the overall theme of this blog.

Herding Cats
Herding Cats is a blog that focuses on increasing the probability of completing projects successfully. The interestingly named blog was brought into existence by Glen B. Alleman, a self-described expert in program performance management. He has been working in the field of project management for over 25 years and is currently a principle member of Niwot Ridge, a respectable professional services firm. In his last post of 2012, Glen provides a list of five must-read books about project management.

The Lazy Project Manager
Although many project managers are apt to dislike this blog based on its name, the author, Peter Taylor, implores his audience not to take it the wrong way. In this sense, the word lazy simply refers to a natural tendency to complete projects in the easiest and simplest manner possible, and this is exactly the type of information contained in the blog. The professionalism of the advice in The Lazy Project Manager is exemplified in this post about green project management.

Leading Answers
Leading Answers is a blog about project management through Agile and general principles of leadership. The blog is operated by Mike Griffiths, an independent project manager and consultant in Calgary, Alberta. Many Agile PM blogs do not include the greater world of traditional project management, but this blog is the exception. The following post from October 2012, "Linking Agile to HR Theory," perfectly embodies the spirit and full content of this blog.

This blog is dedicated to up and coming project managers and focuses on those who are still students. Josh Nankivel founded pmStudent in 2006 to help him in his new career as a project management coach and consultant. He has managed projects in several fields, including telecommunications, computers, financial services and aerospace. A great post on this blog from 2012 is in the form of an answer to a long and detailed question about the practice of time buffering.

PM Think!
If PM Think! is not the top blog about project management on the Internet, it is certainly the best designed. The posts are informative, the website is easy to navigate and the photos are brilliant. The posts are made by several different authors from around the world, but all of them are relevant to project management. A post in September 2012 comes from a reader's question about dealing with a failed project.

PM Toolbox
PM Toolbox is the blog of Ludovic Pilet, a PMP and director of professional development for the Paris chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). As the name suggests, this blog is about the tools, software and resources available to project managers today. The blog also covers training and official news from the PMI. One recent article that is interesting and entertaining tells you how to use project management to plan holiday meals.

Project Manage
Project Manage is a respected website for PMPs that is known for its straightforward simplicity. The creators of this website believe that knowledge and information are more important than style. One of the focuses of this blog is to provide insight into the tools and software available to PMPs. "Identifying the Bottleneck in Your Project" is an excellent post from July 2012 that provides an avenue for saving projects in distress.

Project Management 2.0
Project Management 2.0 is the creation of Andrew Filev, who is both an experienced PMP and a successful entrepreneur. He has over a decade of experience in managing software teams, and his blog is an analysis of how technology influences the project management industry. Although he does not post regularly, this blog included a great interview about the PMI Global Congress.

Project Management Blog
Project Management Blog is a community blog that believes in the power of open-source software, including Web2Project, which is the most popular open-source project management system in the world. This blog accepts thoughtful contributions from anyone who is registered, and all posts are organized through a convenient topic tree. A post from May 2012 gives readers five tips for becoming great project leaders.

The Project Management Hut
The Project Management Hut is a group blog founded by several project managers in the Montreal area. The goal of this team is to make their combined knowledge and experience accessible to anyone who may need it. The posts on this blog are known for making complex ideas easily understandable. The PM Hut team is always on the lookout for new articles about the industry. A post from December 2012 details 16 questions that should be asked to achieve success in project management.

Project Management Tips
Project Management Tips is a group blog that includes the work of several respected PMPs from around the world. Some of them have solo blogs, and all of them are respected professionals. One of the goals of the blog is to provide project managers with solutions that have worked in real-life situations in the past. A great article about
setting up projects for success was posted in November 2012.

Project Smart
Project Smart is a British blog about project management, but it is widely read in the United States and other countries around the world. The company has been producing the blog since 2000 as a source of easily accessible information for project managers. Although it has been 12 years, the team at Project Smart is constantly improving the design of the blog and the quality of material that is published. One of the most interesting articles published by Project Smart in 2012 is "How to Manage Your Boss: Five Tips for ‘Managing Up.'"
The past year was a big one for Dave Garrett and the other folks at After 12 years in the business, the company name was changed from Gantthead. The website received a full redesign, and the quality of the articles has substantially increased. The mission of the company is simple: to make project managers more successful. One of the top posts on this blog in the past year is this interview with Jim Highsmith of Agile.

Quantmleap is the blog of certified PMP Shim Marom, and his purpose in creating the blog is to bring to light unorthodox methods and unconventional perspectives in the world of project management. The posts infuse industry information with art, philosophy and science in order to help PMPs make the best choices in their work. In a very intriguing post titled "Write Your Own Project Management Obituary," Shim tells you how to deal with a dead project.

Shrinkonia is a blog created by Bas de Baar, who is a world traveler and a great believer in the power of collaboration. Bas's blog is one of the more humorous business blogs on the Internet, but the information contained within is very useful in the world of project management, which often relies on collaboration for success. A post made by Bas in August 2012 reveals how a personal workspace can make a big difference in the quality of work performed.

Stepping Into Project Management
Stepping Into Project Management is the blog of Soma Bhattacharya, a PMP based in Chicago, and it is a companion to her book, which has the same title. Soma makes posts on her blog twice per week, and it has recently been featured on Yahoo! News. A recent post on the blog outlines one of the online seminars Soma holds on becoming a project management blogger.

The Tao of Project Management
The Tao of Project Management is the personal blog of a retired project manager hailing from Topsham, Devon, in the UK. Although he prefers not to reveal his real name, he has made his blog into one of the best by simply devoting a lot of time and energy to it. His last post for 2012 is an excerpt from a book that is similar to this blog, which is titled The Way of the Project Manager.

Zen, Project Management, and Life
This blog takes a healthy look at the world of project management through a Zen perspective. The blog was created by Bob Tarne, who is a PM consultant, writer and public speaker. Bob is known for incorporating unusual ideas into project management. One of the most powerful posts on this blog in 2012 is a guest post by Timm J. Esque called Turning Estimates Into Commitments.