What is Marketing Management?

Compiled and Written By TopManagementDegrees.com Staff

Marketing managers play a critical role in the success of a company. Responsible for developing the customer base of a company, a marketing manager plays a direct role in fostering relationships with customers. Extensive travel and long hours are part of the experience of being a marketing manager for a company. When a person serves as a marketing manager for a company, he or she will receive a great salary and benefits package.


The road to becoming a marketing manager usually takes years of experience in the field of marketing. As long as an employee has proven his or her ability to attract and retain new customers, this is usually a reason that is powerful enough to promote him or her to this position.

Marketing Management Salary

Marketing managers receive a nice salary due to the high demands that are placed upon them. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average salary of a marketing manager is about $126,000 a year. The demand for marketing managers is expected to increase in the next ten years by at least 20 percent. Companies will need to hire individuals who can adapt to social media methods of marketing. Companies will want to find qualified individuals who can market their products or services on an international level.

Education Requirements

There are no formal educational requirements for becoming a marketing manager. The common quality that all marketing managers seem to have is past experience that is indicative of their success in this position. They may have served as marketing agents for companies in their past. A company will usually want to see that a person has three to five years of experience in a marketing position. If you already know that you want to become a marketing manager, then you should pursue a bachelor's degree in marketing or business administration. A degree in public relations can also be helpful for this position.

Skills Required

If you want to become a marketing manager, you should possess excellent communication skills. You should have the ability to communicate the benefits of a particular service or product that is offered by your company. You will need to attract the interest of potential customers. You may also need to give presentations to individuals who are interested in investing in a company's product or service. You will need to be someone who can take initiative in promoting a new product.


One of the major responsibilities of a marketing manager is developing programs that will develop the customer base for a product. This means that you may develop a new social media marketing initiative that increases the interest that young people have in your product. You are responsible for essentially creating the "buzz" about a product. You may need to oversee a group of marketing agents and ensure that they meet their goals for a given month. You play an important role in representing the brand of your company, especially when you are on the road.