What is education management and administration?

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Education management and administration refer to both a field of study to pursue and a type of career a professional can work within. Professionals in this field not only have a passion for education, but they also want to be decision-makers for matters of policy, curriculum, and personnel. Here are in-depth explanations of both the field of study and the different types of professional opportunities available within education management and administration.


Advanced Degrees in Education Management and Administration

It is not uncommon for students at the elementary and secondary level in public and private schools to be hugely impressed and inspired by their educators. A good teacher can instill a desire in the student to want to learn more and often a good teacher will be a catalyst for a student to want to become an educator someday. An excellent way to begin an education in the realm of teaching is to pursue a bachelor's in education degree. This four-year program allows an undergraduate to learn principles of education and receive adequate training for a career as a public or private school teacher at the elementary and secondary level.

The next step in an education-focused career would be to consider an education management master's degree. This type of program builds on the training received at the undergraduate level and stresses areas like leadership, professionalism, staff development, and organizational behavior. While an undergraduate degree typically consists of 120 credit hours, a master's degree in education management will typically include 30-45-credit hours. These programs are usually delivered within a college or university's College of Education or perhaps a School of Graduate Development and Leadership. The degree itself may be a Master's of Education, a Master's of Arts, or Master's of Science. It will often have an emphasis focus of Education, Educational Leadership, or School Administration.

While many professionals interested in education administration get their start by working as teachers, one of the best ways to pursue a graduate degree is by seeking an online education management degree. This context is perfect for educators who have established careers in schools and school districts. Online graduate students enjoy the opportunity to set their schedules. Some may want an accelerated experience and can graduate in less than one year. Some have high professional or personal demands and have to take courses at a slower pace. The added benefit of this type of degree for a working teacher is that he can apply the concepts covered in the curriculum in the classroom in real time.

As there are often unique certificates and licenses required in individual states for educators, it is essential to discuss state requirements with school advisors while pursuing a degree in education.

Professions in Education Management and Administration

Graduates of education management degree programs have a broad spectrum of potential career choices. Professionals looking to stay in the classroom and have a direct impact on students will be well-equipped to seek employment as elementary and secondary school teachers, counselors, assistant principals, and principals. Those seeking a more-administrative role into a broader scope of influence may want to explore a position as an administrator.

No one will argue that technology plays a significant role in every area of life and education is no exception. Today many private organizations offer cutting-edge technology, curriculum, and resources for the classroom and other educational environments. The use of technology will only increase in the coming years as smart boards replace chalkboards and touch screen tables replace textbooks. These organizations will always be in need of adequately trained managers who can grow a company with a working knowledge of business leadership and how it can affect education.

These are just a few of the areas open to professionals with a background in education management. Other notable sectors include government agencies and nonprofit organizations. A career in education management and administration can be rewarding as it is lucrative, and it starts with seeking a high-quality degree.