What is Hospitality Management?

Compiled and Written By TopManagementDegrees.com Staff
Last Updated: April 2020

A hospitality manager plays an important role in overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel, resort or casino chain. He or she may ensure that a hotel is adhering to state regulations. You should have a passion for tourism and improving the experience that tourists have when they are on vacation. A hospitality manager has a knack for understanding the vacation industry. He or she will also be able to help a resort chain cut down on its costs and continue to offer a quality experience for tourists.

Hospitality Management Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a hospitality manager is about $46,000 a year. When you have a job as a hospitality manager, you are able to enjoy all sorts of other perks. You may be able to stay in a resort or hotel room completely free of charge. Your family members may enjoy free access to all of the amenities and classes that a resort offers. You are also provided a nice benefits package in this position.


The BLS reports that the demand for this position is expected to grow by at least 22 percent in the next ten years. You have a good chance in finding a position in this career path if you enjoy working with tourists and corporate officials.

Education Requirements

If you want to pursue a career in hospitality management, then you should attempt to obtain a degree in business management. You may also want to pursue a minor in hospitality management if your college offers this degree option. Attending a college the focuses exclusively on hotel management will put you at a competitive edge during the job application process.

Skills Required

If you want to enter the hospitality management industry, you should have an ability to "sell" the lifestyle of resort and hotel chains. It is essential that you can represent the type of experience that tourists can enjoy at a particular hotel or resort. You will need to be constantly developing attractions that can make a hotel competitive with others in the city. You should be an effective communicator, and you should also have experience in brand marketing. You will need to create brochures, websites and other documents that can promote the brand of your particular hotel or casino chain.


The major responsibility of a hospitality manager is to ensure that travelers have a pleasant experience. You are responsible for overseeing the staff that works in a hotel or resort. You will need to make sure that any issues a customer has are addressed in a prompt and professional manner. You may also need to make sure that a hotel does not exceed its budget for the month. You will need to ensure that you have the ability to instantly respond to any emergencies that arise in the hotel environment, such as a theft or a fire.