What Can I do With a Master’s in Engineering Management Degree?

Compiled and Written By TopManagementDegrees.com Staff

An Online Master's Degree in Engineering Management prepares you for a huge range of career options in engineering fields from chemical to civil, electrical to mechanical. Because this degree combines management skills with engineering knowledge, you are uniquely suited to oversee teams of other engineers working on highly technical tasks and serve as the bridge between technical roles and management. Something to consider with this degree is you'll likely be moving toward a more managerial role rather than an engineering.


As an engineering manager, it will be your job to decide upon and execute technical objectives for your organization's projects. This can mean:

  • Assessing the viability of new products
  • Coordinating with other teams in your organization
  • Directing maintenance, production, or quality assurance
  • Overseeing equipment, machinery, product, or system designs

Fields that are looking for individuals with a background in engineering management include chemical process consulting, logistics, manufacturing management, and technical consulting, to name a few. Here are some career choices to consider with your master's degree in engineering management.

  • Automation engineer
  • Chemical process engineer
  • Client services analyst
  • Construction project engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Director of hardware engineering
  • Economics consultant
  • Firmware engineer
  • IT manager
  • Job cost engineer
  • Material logistics professional
  • Plant manager
  • Processing engineering manager
  • Product engineer
  • Senior chemical, electrical, mechanical, or systems engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Technical consultant
  • Technology licensing specialist

As you can see, there is a huge range of career options, both with engineering organizations or if you decide to strike out on your own. If you have an entrepreneurial bent, an Online Master's in Engineering can be a great way to equip you to bring your ideas to life. Because the degree takes your engineering background and strengthens your skill set with business knowledge and experience, you'll be well equipped to start, manage, and succeed as your own boss in the engineering world, whatever that might look like.

This degree also means you have very good earning potential, even better if you specialize in particular types of engineering. For example, at the moment, environmental engineering and petroleum engineering are areas with rapid expansion and a need for managers who have experience in the field. According to a U.S. News and World Report article, engineering managers can expect to make a median salary of anywhere from $76,000 to $131,000 annually, depending on the field of engineering.

If you have an engineering background and a knack for problem solving, a top Online Master's in Engineering Management might be the perfect degree for you. It is increasingly important for engineering organizations to have engineers who also understand not only how technical projects, tools, and systems work, but also how to run a team and an organization. This type of degree will train you in business practices, like marketing, accounting, and leadership skills through an engineering lens. It will give you the skills you need to lead and manage teams, projects, and organizations. And with an online program, you have the flexibility to pursue your degree in your own time and space. Consider your interests, strengths, and engineering background as you considering your online master's program. These determinations will help you narrow down which career option is right for you.