Are there dual degree MBA programs in New York?

Finding the right Master's of Business Administration program can be a very arduous task. This is especially true for students seeking a specialized or dual MBA degree. There are many universities in the United States that offer graduate degrees that can be completed simultaneously. However, high quality and accredited programs can often be harder to find. In fact, there are over 80 colleges and universities in the state of New York that offer master's degrees in business related fields. Of the universities with MBA programs, there are many options for students looking for dual and joint degree options. Many of the top Master's of Business Administration programs in New York offer dual degrees that are highly recognized and exceptionally accredited. The following universities are the top three ranking MBA programs that give students the opportunity to earn their Master's of Business administration degree in combination with an array of other majors and fields of study.

Cornell University's SC Johnson College of Business top ranked Master's of Business Administration has a national and international reputation for excellence and expertise. In addition to the top-notch MBA curriculum, the College of Business additionally offers six distinct dual degree tracks that allow students to complete both degrees in a compressed timeframe. MBA students can pursue joint degree programs in the areas of law, industrial and labor relations, engineering, medicine, real estate, health administration, as well as, a broader option that can be tailored to meet the needs of students from a variety of majors.

The Baruch College Zicklin School of Business MBA is well known for its outstanding curriculum and affordability. Zicklin MBA students can earn their joint JD/MBA degree from the Brooklyn Law School or the New York Law School. For those students who are looking for a career that involves business and law, this is an option that can provide both in an efficient manner.

The highly esteemed Columbia Business School at Columbia University offers one of the most prestigious MBA degrees in the nation. The excellent accreditations and high early-pay reported from graduates makes this degree a highly competitive program. The Columbia Business School has a variety of dual options to choose from, including: MBA/MS in Urban Planning, MBA/DDS, MBA/MS in Engineering and Applied Science, MBA/MIA, MBA/MS in Journalism, MBA/JD, MBA/MS in Nursing, MBA/MD, MBA/MPH, MBA/MS in Social Work, or MBA/MA in Private School Leadership.

While dual degrees generally require more commitment in the form of time and money than a traditional MBA degrees, there are definitely many benefits that can accompany completing an MBA along with a degree from another field of study. According to a study completed by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Baby Boomers held and average of 11.5 jobs throughout their working careers, with the majority of those jobs being held between the ages of 18 and 24. With today's ever changing job market and increasing educational expectations, it only makes sense to assume that Millennials will encounter the same amount of job transitions, it not more. Having a dual Master's of Business Administration degree allows working professionals to stand out as employees as well as allow for expertise in multiple career fields.