Engineering Management Resource Guide

This online resource guide is developed for students and new professionals in the field of engineering management. It is divided into resource categories and each listing has a brief description with links to organizations and resources. The blogs listed in this resource guide include those that have had postings in the current calendar year. Blogs that contain pertinent information but that have had no recent activity are not listed.

Most engineering professionals become engineering managers through a long and impressive record of work in the field, obtaining an MBA or Ph.D in engineering or earning a degree in engineering management. This kind of concentrated education, experience or combination of both is necessary since engineering managers oversee other engineers, scientists and technology workers.

In many ways, engineering managers must function as conflict resolution specialists. They manage the research that is conducted on projects, oversee the design and development of products, and are responsible for the smooth operation of machinery and systems. Their interpersonal relationship skills and ability to motivate teams of people are what keep them on top of progress. They must be able to relate to a wide range of personalities and must have the patience to always places technical terminology in language that a non-technical person could easily understand. Based on figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professionals earn an average income of about $120,000.

Popular Engineering Management Blogs/Websites

Engineering Management Thought of the Week
Jeffrey T. Glass' blog about engineering management and entrepreneurship. Most of the ideas for posts come from Glass' interactions with students in the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Program in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, where he is faculty director. A range of topics are covered and most are focused on issues that the MEM students and alumni will face early in their careers or ideas to help them get more out of their engineering management studies. Recent topics include business book recommendations, time management and examining how professionals make engineering management decisions. Glass has published over 130 papers and book chapters, edited six books and a co-inventor on 12 patents.

Fear No Project
Bruce McGraw's blog on project management. He tackles issues like mobile access, process management and improving memory to complete project management tasks. Although the primary focus is on technical information, McGraw blends his expertise with business savvy to help engineering managers better manage operations.

Invisible Laws
Dan Greller focuses on IT management on this blog. With more than 30 years as an IT manager, he is able to relate daily IT issues to the events that are unfolding in the real world daily. Readers might find connections here to history, psychology, the economy, current events and popular trends.

J.D. Meier's Blog
Meier posts technical topics about software engineering, project management and effectiveness. Blog site is a hub of link resources for engineering managers. Recent posts are about productivity, managing backlogs and other personal development issues that managers face.

Mark Shuttlework's Blog
Maintained by South African software developer Mark Shuttlework, who founded Ubuntu, the Linux-based operating system. Mark shares his experiences in software development and design in his blog. What sets Shuttlework's blog apart from others is that he sometimes posts in FAQ format. He uses the space to address Ubuntu releases and explore other information related to his products, as well.

Rands in Repose
Silicon Valley Rands has been maintaining this blog for more than 10 years. He uses personal stories and anecdotes to impart lessons about the world of engineering management. In recent posts, Rands talks about navigating the unknown, managing triggers in team building and Rands' desire to see everyone reading more.
Rafe Colburn's software development blog which also explores the meaning of life. Recent posts discuss how humans use the body to do work, the connections between management and teaching, notorious U.S. government whistleblower Edward Snowden and the tools used by web analysts. Colburn's post show the integration of lessons learned from a career in IT with those learned from being alive.

Society for Engineering and Management Systems Blog
A forum for IT managers and engineering managers to interact. Industry experts initiate posts. Topics range from enterprise analysis to sustainability to the respect required for team communication.

Steven Cerri's Blog
Cerri's blog is exclusively devoted to topics in engineering management. His unique perspective comes with his background as an entrepreneur and an academician. He has discussed leadership vs management with case studies, becoming a mentor and coaching and how to become a technical manager.

The Colorful and Gray World of Engineering Management
Anita George moderates this forum for engineering managers. She seeks to focus on professional and ethical issues in work environments, but some of the contemporary challenges may venture into the following subjects: the importance of "how" in engineering, testing, the joys of routine work, and training your manager.

Thought Clusters
Blog discusses how other issues in our world can affect the world of engineering management. Maintained by New Hampshire software development manager Krishna Kumar, the blog has delved into topics like working from home, intellectual property rights and the effects of geography on software development.

Engineering Management Associations

Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineering
I.E.E.E. has established itself as the largest and oldest professional technical organization for electronics engineers and others who work with electrical systems. The group launched in 1884, when electricity was just starting to gather its stronghold on the world. Industries from IT to medicine are represented by the membership.

Databases and Journals

Digital library with more than 3 million full-text documents and abstracts published by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers as well as other academic and applied publishers. The database contains articles from more than 160 journals, 3,800 technical standards and 1,200 conference proceedings. Content is available by subscription or single purchase.

Journal of Engineering Management International
Scholarly research journal that promotes the theory and practice of technology, innovation, and engineering management. Articles address the issues engineering managers face while planning, developing and achieving operational objectives in their respective organizations. A link between technology and other corporate topics, the journal discusses R&D management, new product development, human resources, project management, marketing, forecasting, strategic planning and innovation process management. Writers for the journal receive liberal rights to copyright, free PDFs and special discounts on publications. Published by the American Society for Engineering Management.

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences series of peer-reviewed journals. Some of the 13 publications that are accessible through INFORMS include: Decision Analysis, Information Systems Research, Interfaces, Management Science, Mathematics of Operation Research, Organization Science and INFORMS Transactions on Education.

International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics
Targets academics, professionals, managers, researchers and engineers working in the field of engineering management in order to help them learn about each other's work. Topics covered include: leadership and human resources management, product development, creativity and technical entrepreneurship, R&D, design management, project planning, acquisitions, public policy analysis and more.


The American Society for Engineering Education
Started in 1893, the ASEE is a nonprofit organization that develops policies and programs give engineering faculty members opportunities and promotes increased student enrollments in engineering and engineering technology at colleges and universities. The organization promotes excellence in instruction and research and helps to educate society about technology. There are both institution and individual memberships and the group acts as a liaison among universities, corporations and government agencies.

American Society for Engineering Management
Organization that tracks the engineering management profession around the world. Members include academics as well as engineering management professionals. Offers professional certifications and fosters engineering management best practices.

IEEE Technology Management Council
The IEEE Technology Management Council provides information and services to IEEE members who work in the engineering, technology and innovation management fields. The council seeks to be the preferred resource for technology professionals who are managers, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Among the many reasons members join is the desire to advance careers.

National Society of Professional Engineers
Founded in 1934, NSPE is the only national organization dedicated to dealing with the professional concerns of licensed professional engineers across disciplines. The group is committed to the non-technical concerns of engineers but provides licensing and certification for members. NSPE has approximately 35,000 members.

Project Management Institute
Organization for project managers who want to make a mark on their profession. The group gives members exclusive access to PMI publications and the organization's global standards, networking through local chapters and online communities, as well as leadership and volunteer opportunities. Members also get discounts on certification exams and renewals and professional development opportunities.

Society for Engineering and Management Systems
A group sponsored by the Institute of Industrial Engineers, SEMS gives managers at every level philosophies and techniques for improving productivity. Members can connect with peers, enjoy a member subscription to the "Industrial Management" magazine or search the organization archives for informative articles.

Society for Manufacturing Engineers
International nonprofit organization that focuses on gathering, validating and sharing information on manufacturing. The group hosts events, publishes journals, provides online training and development and assists members in resolving issues within their specific fields.

Conferences and Professional Organizations

World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science
Hosted by the International Association of Engineers, this conference focuses on theoretical topics in applied engineering and computer science. IAENG conferences have attracted as many as 1,000 attendees from more than 30 countries. Participants are research scientists, professors, deans, department heads and directors of research centers.

American Society for Engineering Education Conferences
A host of conferences for engineering educators sponsored by ASEE. Conferences include the Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (CIEC), the Engineering Deans Public Policy Colloquium, the Engineering Deans Institute, Engineering Research Council, and the National Effective Teaching Institute.

International Conference on Engineering Design
Scheduled for Seoul, Korea on August 19, 2013, the International Conference on Engineering Design has a theme of "Design for Harmonies." The theme will bring engineering professionals together to discuss the harmony of products and services, culture and technology and other related topics.

Engineering Management Education Accrediting Agencies

The Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering
ATMAE sets standards for academic program accreditation, personal certification, and professional development for educators and industry professionals. The professionals who benefit from the work of ATMAE are involved in leadership roles, integrating technology and design. The organization, formerly called the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT), focuses on developing the competitive technologist and an applied engineering workforce.

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.
A non-government organization that gives post-secondary credentials to programs focusing on computing, engineering, engineering technology and applied science. As of 2012, 3,278 programs had been accredited in more than 670 colleges and universities and in more than 23 countries. In addition to accreditation, the organization provides workshops consulting services and mutual recognition agreements. It has been recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation since 1997.

Popular Engineering Management Twitter Accounts

–Todd Sierer (@ToddSierer)
"Husband, father, engineer, and future producer of Japanese game shows. Formerly @engineeringmind"

–Sean McLeod (@resonantcase)
"Engineering Management Professional, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Northwestern MEM, @KF7DTG (HAM)"

–Michael Veltri (@MJVeltri)
"I have a BS Mechanical Engineering, MBA and a MS in Engineering Management. I currently hold the position of Manager of Business Development"

–Scott Smeester (@scottsmeester)
"Business Performance Engineer: applying engineering concepts to business to grow profit. 3 loves: wife, two boys and Crossfit. #business #engineering #profit"

–Project Kernel (@ProjectKernel)
"The International Construction Network for Building, Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power and Rail. Project News, Jobs, Blogs and more… Join Today!"

–GIRL GEEKS ® (@girl_geeks)
"Girl Geeks – Supporting STEM; science, tech, digital, engineering, talent, entrepreneurs, innovation, #GirlGeeks Founder: Mia Chapman and co-founder @Biotecnix"

–Teaching STEM (@TeachingSTEM)
"Teaching #STEM is a networking and information service for #Science, #Technology, #Engineering and #Mathematics teachers and educators in schools and colleges."

–GlobalSpec, Inc. (@GlobalSpecInc)
"GlobalSpec is used by engineering, technical and industrial professionals worldwide to find suppliers, products, components and services."

–ENR bloggers (@ENRblog)
Engineering News-Record's battery of bloggers includes its editors, industry experts and experienced industry observers. This is the Twitter hub for their work."


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