Marketing Management Resource Guide

This guide is a compilation of resources to help you in the world of marketing management. The information here is intended to help students or those wishing to enter the marketing world with an eye toward management, as well as professionals in the industry already. You'll find tools to explore; websites, blogs, and journals to read; networking opportunities and professional organizations to join; and social media accounts to follow. This guide will give you resources to increase your knowledge of the marketing industry, connect with colleagues, and stay on top of what is happening in marketing management.

Tools and Resources

Color of Influence – COI helps brands by connecting them to multicultural influencers in various industries every month and improve their ability to navigate diversity in marketing. As they say, "lack of understanding around cultural nuances are hurting brands. Let COI help you get ahead on your social media marketing effort."

Conscious Style Guide – Conscious Style Guide is a resource for anyone, including marketers, who want to make sure the language they are using is inclusive, empowering, and respectful.

Content Marketing Institute – CMI works to advance content marketing via online education, print media, and events. It hosts the well-regarded Content Marketing World Conference and Expo. Also check out their Twitter account @CMIContent.

HubSpot – HubSpot is a well-known, inbound marketing and sales platform, but their website is jammed packed with resources. Check out their blog for marketing, sales, agency, and customer success content. At HubSpot Academy, you'll find certification courses, documentation, and training for marketers and sales representatives to learn about HubSpot and inbound. An account is free and gives you access to marketing and sales education and tools.

Kapost – Kapost, a B2B marketing operating system, has a blog with great posts on marketing strategy and content creation. Check out their post on marketing resources to bookmark. It also has some free resources on B2B content strategy and operations benchmarks, including templates, on the resources page.

Marketing EDGE – Marketing EDGE is a nonprofit directed at college students pursuing marketing and professors, seeking to engage them in the marketing industry. It provides education, career resources, and scholarships to students. For academics, it hosts several conferences and Professors' Academy. It also publishes the Journal of Interactive Marketing.

MarketingProfs – MarketingProfs provides marketers, from individuals to organizations, a whole slew of marketing tools. They have everything from strategy suggestions to training, seminars to forums, not to mention a wealth of articles, podcasts, and newsletters. They offer a wide variety of marketing events, both in-person and online, as well as a range of courses through their MarketingProfs University.

Marketing Scholars – Marketing Scholars is a Facebook group that updates members on the latest calls for papers and other research news related to marketing.

Pragmatic Marketing – The resources page on Pragmatic Marketing is full of articles, webinars, podcasts, magazines, eBooks, and infographics that contain the latest in industry information and best practices. Their six one-day courses include foundations of marketing, creating strategic market plans, using market facts, meeting objectives, aligning products and development, and determining market prices.

News, Magazines, and Blogs

Contagious Magazine – Contagious Magazine is an advertising magazine providing resources for marketers around the world. The magazine "provides a measured review of the most important developments driving marketing, technology and business creativity each quarter." They also hold live events across the globe, including their Most Contagious and Now Next Why series. Looking for more resources? They have presentations on retail pioneers, building trust, changing brand attitudes, and how cultural mainstreaming happens. Check out their Twitter feed at @contagious.

Forbes – Forbes, is a leading source for business news and analysis. In addition to their sales and marketing sections, check out their BrandVoice section, which is a content marketing platform that lets brands tell their stories related to business, leadership, and marketing.

The Marketing Journal – The Marketing Journal is an online publication with contributions by business executives, marketing thought leaders, and other marketing practitioners. In addition to their trove of articles, they also have a long list of interviews with folks like Scott Galloway to read through. Or head over to the vidoes page to hear about marketing at Patagonia or lessons learned from Coca-Cola. And if you're looking for your next read, they also offer book reviews.

Small Business Trends – Small Business Trends provides covers current, important issues for small businesses. Their section dedicated to marketing includes articles on social media, sales, retail trends, marketing tips, and local marketing.

Social Media Today – Social Media Today aims to give marketers a quick overview of what is going on in the world of social media throughout the day. They aim to cover tips, insights, and best practices from social media experts. Check out their Twitter feed @socialmedia2day.


International Journal of Research in Marketing – IJRM is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for academics and marketers.

Journal of Marketing – The AMA's Journal of Marketing is a broad-based scholarly journal that focuses on practical issues in marketing.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science -Published by the Academy of Marketing Science, JAMS is dedicated to the study and advancement of marketing.

Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice – Created in 1992, JMPT ties research across many marketing subjects to managerial application. It is published by the Society for Marketing Advances.

Marketing Education Review – Founded in 1991, Marketing Education Review provides resources for marketing educators. It is published by the Society for Marketing Advances.

Professional Associations

Academy of Marketing Science – AMS has over 1,500 active members an international, scholarly, professional organization for marketers. Founded in 1971, today AMS offers conferences, special interest programs, a quarterly newsletter, and conferences. They also publish the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

American Marketing Association – Founded in 1953, AMA connects marketers and academics with the resources to help them explore not just best practices, but next practices. It is also home to the Journal of Marketing and Marketing News. Check out their Academic Resource Center for research, academic events, career support, teaching, and more.

Data and Marketing Association – DMA is a trade organization for marketers that promotes responsible, data-driven marketing. DMA advocates for marketers and data professionals in D.C. to protect their ability to responsibly collect and use data. It also provides educational opportunities and connects marketers via their events and member communities.

Marketing Management Association – The MMA meets twice per year at their Spring Conference and Fall Educators' Conference and seeks to be a space for marketers to promote their professional activity in the industry as well as network. It hosts competitions, produces two publications, posts open marketing faculty positions, and provides a list of resources on the website.

National Retail Federation – NRF is the largest retail trade association in the world. In addition to their career help, they also provide resources and events for their members. Membership is open to students interested in retail careers, companies with business-to-business relationships with retailers, and employees of retailers. In addition, NRF also advocates on behalf of its membership in Washington, DC.

Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc – SMEI is a global sales and marketing professional association. A nonprofit based out of New York, SMEI offers forums, webinars, networking, and certification programs for its members. It also has a job board for job seekers.

Society for Marketing Advances – SMA is a professional marketing association that hosts an annual conference for marketing educators and professionals. Membership is open to marketing educators, graduate students in marketing, and business and government executives.


Brent Leary @BrentLeary – One of the founders of CRM Essentials, you'll find excellent posts and information on Brent's feed, not only things he's tweeted directly but also all manner of retweets from other marketers.

Buffer @buffer – Buffer is a social media management tool with over 4 million users. On its Twitter feed you'll find relevant marketing and productivity insights.

Ecosultancy @Ecosultancy – Ecosultancy tweets all kinds of helpful resources from experts in the marketing field, from data to blog posts.

Hootsuite @hootsuite – Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter account is full of resources and best practices for social media marketing.

Jay Baer @jaybaer – A New York Times bestselling author as well as the president of Convince and Convert, Baer is a successful marketing and social media consultant.

Jeanne Hopkins @jeannehopkins – Jeanne, currently the CMO at Ipswitch, is an accomplished marketing executive. Her feed will keep you up-to-date on news, trends, and tips.

Social Media Examiner @SMExaminer – Social Media Examiner produces magazines, blogs and podcasts about on social media marketing, and it's Twitter account is another valuable a resource to explore.


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