How is a Master’s in Nonprofit Management different from a Master’s in Management?

Business professionals who want to stay relevant within an organization, and are committed to achieving the accomplishments of promotion and longevity, know a graduate's degree is a great investment. Master's degrees in both management and nonprofit management offer the graduate student excellent comprehensive educations in subjects like business theory, finance, organizational management, and leadership. But there are some key differences between these two types of degrees that are worth exploring.

A Master's of Science in management prepares a student for a satisfying career managing within a wide spectrum of organizations. There are options for taking positions with private or public organizations, government institutions, well-established multi-million-dollar corporations, or even startups and small businesses. One exciting position that students possessing an MS in Management might want to consider is a business operations manager. Future estimates for business operations managers include over 150,000 new jobs and a 7% growth in the industry between 2014 and 2024. This position requires good communication, time management, organization, and negotiation skills, with duties including "negotiating contracts with vendors, working with union leaders, making decisions regarding supply chain management and hiring new employees." The bottom line for an MS in management graduate is that he or she has been trained with the skills and tools ideal for organizations and businesses that have financial gain and profitability as its main priority.

Professionals in nonprofit management, on the other hand, have an added priority for their career. While a nonprofit manager may strive for financial gain and perhaps even wealth while developing a career, the core of a nonprofit organization is to fulfill their organizational mission and serve the common good. According to, 75% of those working within nonprofit management believe that the work they perform within their organization makes the world a better place. Nonprofit management can look like a lot of different things just as nonprofits serve all over the globe in a number of ways, by providing goods or services, manufacturing, social programs, demographic-specific care, and so on. One of the best ways to receive excellent training in nonprofit management is to pursue an online Master's in Nonprofit Management.

One of the nation's best online Master's of Science with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership is delivered at Walden University's School of Public Policy and Administration. The School of Public Policy and Administration has created this program to train students with the ability to "understand and apply concepts, principles, and processes related to nonprofit organizations in domestic and international settings, apply relevant ethical and legal guidelines and practices in public, private, and nonprofit organizations, and apply concepts, theories, and skills gained to create positive social change to public, private, and nonprofit organizations in domestic and international communities." Students within this excellent program will study important topics, including Nonprofit Sector and Ethics and Social Justice, and end the program with a valuable capstone course in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Both programs are great options for students pursuing post-graduate work. A Master's in Management is a safe bet for any professional looking to develop their management and leadership skills. But with the world of nonprofit management continuing to expand as more organizations of all sizes realize the importance of social care and the consumer's growing priority for such things as eco-friendly products and ethical treatment of employees, a Master's in Nonprofit Management is an exciting choice.