Do All MBA Programs in New York Require Work Experience?

Master's of Business Administration degrees are as varied as the students in them. There are programs with a general management focus, and those that have specific courses tailored to the students' career interests. There are programs for the seasoned executive and there are even programs for the student right out of their bachelor's degree.

There are over 30 business schools in the state of New York that currently offer Master's of Business Administration degrees. Of those, there are multiple that do not require work experience. Work experience can be a positive addition to an application, showing interest in management, determination, and the ability to succeed. It is also generally seen as a positive attribute to an MBA's traditionally hands on and experienced based nature, but there are some benefits to beginning an MBA before starting a career. Students who have not joined the workforce are able to continue their studies at full force without the distraction of work responsibilities. Students continuing their education straight out of their undergraduate degree also have an added benefit of being fully up to date on academic content and new technology resources.

The following universities require little to no work experience for those who seek to complete their MBA before beginning their career.

Cornell University's SC Johnson College of Business requires GMAT/GRE scores, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and an online application, but full-time work experience it not a requirement. Most students within the MBA program do have 2-5 years of experience on their resume, but it is not a requirement for admission.

Columbia Business School at Columbia University does not require work experience for students to apply. Their application requirements to ask for two letters of recommendation that can attest to your managerial abilities. However, 99% of applicants do have at least one year of professional experience before beginning this prestigious program, and the average student has five years of work experience.

The Stern School of Business through New York University does not require post-college work experience. According to their selection criteria students are evaluated on their "track record of success," but post-college professional experience is not technically required. The benefit of this method of selection is that diversity is encouraged and work history, recommendations, essays, and academic performance are all collectively assessed during the admission process.

The The Tobin College of Business at St. John's University does not have a minimum work requirement for applicants. Their application requirements explain that while work experience is not required, it is considered favorable; but significant volunteer work is considered favorable as well. This MBA program can also generally be completed in as little as three semesters on a full time basis. Making it a great fit for students wanting to complete their degree and begin their career as quickly as possible.

While work experience required is not one of the data points that we consider for our research at TMD, Columbia Business School, Stern School of Business, Tobin College of Business and the Zarb School of Business are also featured on our Top 25 MBA Programs in New York ranking because of their exceptional qualities and accreditations, making them a great choice for students with or without previous work experience.