Which New York Business Schools Have the Best Dorms?

When choosing a top business school in New York, dorms might not be the top criteria on your priority list, next to prestige and ROI, but it should be a significant factor. As an undergraduate student, on-campus room and board has many important factors to research, including pricing, safety, food, and community involvement. The pricing of room and board in top New York business schools easily range from $12,000 to over 18,000 per year, as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. This is a significant factor when weighing yearly financial costs. But what students and parents can keep in mind, is that dorm living can significantly minimize or eliminate the costs of electric and water bills, internet costs, security deposit, grocery bills, furniture costs, and transportation costs, when compared to off-campus living. Also, many times, financial aide can help with the cost of on-campus room and board, and in fact, sometimes require on-campus living. If students are applying for loans, grants, and scholarships, they need to check to see if their financial aide covers the cost of room and board.

As an undergraduate student, dorms provide built in community with their dorm peers, which can be a big help to students as they transition to college life. Dorms provide upperclassmen resident advisors who can give guidance and tips for college life. Also, dorms usually provide monthly or weekly socials to help boost the social atmosphere and camaraderie. Students also benefit from added safety measures. Dorms provide secure doors with safety features, the live-in RAs, lit walkways, blue safety phones around campus, and campus police or patrol.

While meal plans are not usually a necessity to on-campus living, they are a natural compliment to the on-campus student. These meal plans can be expensive, but when weighing this choice students and parents must also take into account the absence of the student having to take the time to go to the grocery store, last minute pricey meals when the cupboards are empty, and less transportation costs to and from the store. The accessibility and ease of on-campus meal plans can put both students and parents minds at ease.

Niche.com provides an annual Best College Dorm ranking based on key statistics on housing costs, housing capacity, and crime rate, as well as student reviews. According to their 2017 ranking the following top business schools have some of the best college dorms in New York:

Most college administrators would agree that a college education is about providing an advanced education for students that contributes to thriving in their adult future and career. But also, some might contend just as important, colleges provide a safe and thriving environment to help students gain their social skills to become adults who can participate in their communities and our global world. Finding a good fit in an undergraduate business school and on-campus dorm is an exciting step in a student's education and life. Good luck!

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