Which New York Business Schools Have Study Abroad Programs?

In today's highly competitive business world, undergraduate business programs that include a study abroad component can provide students with invaluable hands on learning experiences that will benefit them in applying for graduate school, standing out on early career employment applications, and as they interact within the global business community in their future careers. According to Studyabroad.com study abroad opportunities are generally offered to undergraduate students in three unique formats. Semester based programs are the most common and are one to two semesters in length during the academic school year. Summer programs are offered during summer break and typically last between two weeks to two months, and intersession programs take place during regular term breaks such as spring break or winter break. Listed below are three undergraduate programs that include studying abroad from one of the top New York undergraduate business schools. These universities not only incorporate excellent international study opportunities, but are highly accredited and prestigiously recognized as well.

Baruch College

Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business allows undergraduate students to choose from over 100 recommended study abroad programs in over 30 countries. Within the study abroad program at Baruch College there are three ways for students to participate. These options include Exchange Programs, Sponsored Study Abroad Programs, and Direct Enrollment Programs. Students can also choose from Semester Programs in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Greece, and many more. Winter Programs in Chile, Ecuador, India, Jamaica, and many others. Or Summer Programs which include the countries of Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, as well as, many other well known destinations.

University at Buffalo, SUNY

The University at Buffalo, SUNY offers a variety of study abroad opportunities to undergraduate students from a variety of degree backgrounds. Programs are offered in an Exchange, Summer, and Winter format and include the countries of Turkey, Tanzania, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Korea, Japan, Italy, and many others.

Binghamton University, SUNY

Binghamton University, SUNY is a member of Generation Study Abroad which is an institution dedicated to increasing the number of students who have access to study abroad opportunities. Because of this merger, students of Binghamton University have access to nearly 900 study abroad programs sponsored by the State University of New York system. According to the university's website, there are study abroad programs on every continent and available in every field. With those types of options who wouldn't want to study abroad?

Participating in a study abroad program can be a life changing experience that allows students to create lifelong relationships and networking connections. Achieving a greater global understanding is an invaluable benefit of international study trips. However, as it turns out there are also a few measurable benefits of international study as well. A study done through the University of California, Merced found data that showed a 97% employment rate among study abroad participants vs a 49% employment rate for those who completed their degree without a global experience. This analysis also found that 90% of study abroad participants were accepted into their first and second choice grad school. Global experience trips are not something that can always be easily accommodated into an undergraduate student's budget, but for those who are able to make it happen, the benefits can be invaluable.

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