Project Management Resource Guide

To be successful, a Project Manager must simultaneously manage project resources, capital, time, and scope. This resource guide provides a comprehensive list of resources, research, interactive exchanges, educational, and participatory sources for project management professionals, members, and the general public desiring more information about Project Management. Each of the resource guide's general categories has subsections and related linked resources with a brief description.

This guide includes links to Project Management professional associations, databases, journals, networking seminars and conferences, and other resources to supplement the applied practice and assist the project manager. Various educational and informational resources are provided. Notable project manager professionals and experts in their field and news briefs are included for further reading.

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General Resources Websites

The Project Management Institute(PMI) – Membership and project management training and certification, professional development, business solutions, resource and marketplace, and PBMOK ® website.

Wikipedia: Project Management – Comprehensive definitions of project management and its history, approaches, processes, managers, breakdown, international standards, references, and external links.

Project Management Book Club – Free online book club (social media) for project teams and project managers. – Includes links to project manager / management videos, newsletters, blogs, jobs, ebooks, tools and techniques, and webinars.

Directory of Best Project Management Sites – Descriptions and comparison of the "best (global) project management sites" including blogs, business schools, software, training, and coaching management.


PMI: Voices on Project Management – PMI's blog that offers information, insights, and personal experiences from project managers in various regions and trades prompting open discussions.

Guerrilla Project Management – Topics including Agile in integration projects, lean IT, sustainable work pace, combining project owner / project manager responsibilities, etc.

Back From Red – Todd Williams' blog about his project failure insights.

Human Factor Formula – Kevin Ciccotti's blog discussing how to build project management relationships for success.

Herding Cats – Glen Alleman's blog regarding the chances of increased probability of project success using an integrative approach.

Susanne Madsen – Susanne Madsen's blog on simplifying project management functions.

Project Management 2.0 – Andrew Filev's blog discussions on project management productivity and soft skills, such as communication, leadership, and problem solving that threaten to beat the project team and other success stories.

The Daily PM Blog – Discussions on project management control, project reviews, people addiction, and technology.

LiquidPlanner Blog – Project management "tips, tricks, and talk".

Associations and Organizations

The Project Management Institute(PMI) – A leading US project management (PM) membership association that is an advocate of project management research, sets professional PM standards, provides updated PM information to members, as well as general networking and career development and certification services.

International Project Management Association(IPMA) – A non-profit Swiss-registered organization and the first international, experienced member-driven project management association.

The American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM) – A USA member association of the IPMA, it operates as a competence-based project manager credentialing organization.

Publications, Journals, Articles

International Journal of Project Management – Published eight times a year in collaboration with the Association for Project Management (APM) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Reviews all areas of project management. Published eight times per year.

PM Network – PMI's monthly magazine reviewing tools, trends, best practices, and techniques.

Project Management Journal ® – PMI's quarterly peer-reviewed journal of project management academic and research.

Gallup Business Journal – Articles and blogs discussing project management, productivity, technology apps, Gallup's ongoing research, banks, global companies and country management.

PMI Today ® – PMI Network's monthly newsletter.

PMI E-Newsletters – PMI e-newsletters with project management updates.

AMA Newsletter – American Management Association's (AMA) free e-Newsletters offering current information on management insights, motivating, leading, administrative excellence, business articles, interviews, and book reviews. Newsletter – Sign-up for free project management videos, tools, and tips newsletter.

Educational Resources, Accreditation Agencies

The Project Management Institute(PMI) – The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers professional development courses and comprehensive certification programs to assess and improve individual project management skills.

The PMP ® Certification – Project Management Professional certification training, costs, and resources information.

PMBOK ® Guide and Standards – The global standard for project management.

PMP ® Credential Handbook – PMI requires all PMP credential applicants read this handbook. It provides information about computer and paper-based PMP testing and policies and procedures for obtaining and maintaining the PMP credential.

The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) – The AApM ® is the Global Training Provider for the International Project Management Commissionâ„¢ (IPMC).

American Management Association – Offers basic project management training to advanced seminars and certification programs for senior project managers.


PMChat – A weekly live Twitter chat (Fridays) for project managers (at:

PMI: Voices on Project Management – Insights on all things project management (at:

Guerilla Project Management – IT project manager Samad Aidane, PMP. Signs IT projects are headed for disaster; delivering bad news; happy project manager, collaboration (at:

Human Factor Formula – Certified Professional Coach, Kevin Cicotti, tweets advice on building sustainable relationships that improve productivity and create success (at:

Peter Taylor: Lazy Project Manager – UK project management speaker, workshops facilitator, author, and coach on strategies, sponsorship, and other project management issues (at:

Susanne Madsen Twitter – UK project management leadership and time management coach. Author of "The Project Management Coaching Workbook" (at:


Wikipedia: Project Management Software – Comprehensive charts comparing project management software, general brand information and features.

LiquidPlanner – Offering end-to-end project management software solutions (planning, scheduling, tracking, analysis, reports and documentation, and mobile apps).

Intuit.QuickBase – Online project management software with free 30 day trial.

Clarizen – Simple online, nothing to install, project management tool with free 30 day trial.

Online Project Management Tools – Web-based collaboration and project management apps tools for small businesses. Free trial period is available on most. Description, features, and pricing of thirty are compared.

Training Videos and Webinars – Free weekly project management videos and monthly webinars on various project management issues.

YouTube: Ed Kench Project Management Videos – Six videos covering lifecycles of software development, project management practices and principles, PMI practice, tutorials, and real world examples.

Peter Taylor: Lazy Project Manager – Videos of the UK project management speaker, workshops facilitator, author, and coach on global project management trends, strategies, sponsorship, and other PM issues.


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