What is the salary potential for a nonprofit manager?

In today's global marketplace, a professional wanting to make a difference in the world can pursue a career in the realm of nonprofit work and find a satisfying career as a nonprofit manager. What some may not realize is that the same career can be as meaningful in salary potential as it is to serve the common good. While there have always been social and service-oriented jobs that have reputations for offering very little in the area of compensation, the moniker of "nonprofit" does not automatically mean that a manager in nonprofit work should expect to sacrifice the ability to be profitable.

While many nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of donors to keep them operating, a nonprofit organization's responsibility is often to keep fundraising going year-round. It is also a priority for many nonprofit organizations that they justify their budget in order to assure their donors that funds are being used wisely and with integrity. "Historically, much of the total dollars spent by an organization on compensation has been allocated to administrative overhead, which can send the wrong message to funders. However, more and more, funders and nonprofits alike recognize that an organization's effectiveness and ability to meet its mission is dependent upon the quality of its staff and understand that they can no longer rely on highly qualified people who are willing to work for less than market-rate salaries just for the "feel good" satisfaction. Nonprofit organizations are highly professional workplaces and in order to attract and retain outstanding talent, they need to be competitive with other job opportunities."

A current snapshot of job availability in the nonprofit sector shows some promising options. According to glassdoor.com, some recent hires in nonprofit management, including employees who have between five and 10 years of experience, have a starting annual salary of up to $125,000. While the website Idealist.org reports that it accommodates over 1.4 million monthly visitors, networks over 120,000 organizations, delivers 11,511 volunteer opportunities, and features 8,294 job listings in nonprofit employment, it seems there have never been more employment opportunities in the nonprofit field.

One popular position in nonprofit management is the role of social and community service manager. As the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, "social and community service managers coordinate and supervise social service programs and community organizations. They manage workers who provide social services to the public." While this position is expected to grow at 18% over the next decade, much faster than the national average, a healthy salary expectation comes along with this profession. While the average work experience-level of a social and community service manager is less than five years, the median salary for the job was $64,680 in 2016.

One of the best ways to enjoy a competitive salary offered with a position in nonprofit management is to find a graduate program which offers an affordable tuition rate. One such program is offered at the Global Campus of Central Michigan University. The university's Master's of Science in Administration features a concentration in Philanthropy and Fundraising which consists of 36-credit hours offered as a hybrid education with both online and on-campus coursework. The robust curriculum within this program includes such courses as Grants Fiscal Administration, Philanthropy: The Role of Foundations, Non Profit Organizations in Society, Administration of Annual, Capital Campaigns and Major Gifts, and Foundations of Philanthropic Organizations.

This is just one of the nation's best online Master's in nonprofit management worth researching. Pursuing a degree like this will not only serve the student with a solid educational foundation and offer wonderful networking potential, it will also allow the business professional to enjoy a higher level of salary potential.