Sports Management Online Resource Guide

This resource is a valuable one-stop guide for everything one needs to help get started or advance in the field of sports management. The included information is beneficial for students, those looking to enter into the sports management industry, and current professionals. From journal articles to networking events at conferences to job position postings, the information needed to get an inside look at sports management can be found in one of the categories in this guide.

Starting with education, explore accreditation for sports management programs along with some informational sites on where to find a degree or certificate program and continuing education training sessions and workshops. From education, review the top conferences, associations, societies, and organizations to continue to gain knowledge and build networks in the field. The databases and journals category provides links for reading a sport management professional can complete on their own to continue to gain knowledge in the industry.

From there, explore the job boards, websites, blogs, and social media resources that provide up-to-date information about the field from various organizations and top professionals and experts in sports management. These types of resources are helpful for staying on top of the latest news and happenings in sports and sports management.

Sports Management Education

Commission on Sport Management Accreditation: The Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) recognizes college and university undergraduate and graduate programs that excel in offering education in the field of sports management. Review information from institutions to programs to independent training workshops at COSMA.

Sports Management Programs at NASSM: The North American Society for Sport Management includes a list of universities that have programs in sport management from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Africa, and Asia.

Sports Management Worldwide: For individual courses to build skills or gain knowledge in a specific area of sports management, Sports Management Worldwide offers a range of useful training workshops.

Sports Management Institute: The Sports Management Institute has designed courses for sports management executives to stay on top of the changing trends in the field by combining athletic practice and academic theory in management strategies.

Conferences and Workshops

Sports Career Conference: The Sports Career Conference, hosted by Sports Management Worldwide, is held for anyone who is looking to network with current professionals in the sports industry, from athletes to experienced sports agents. Conferences are held all over the world annually.

NASSM Annual Conference: North American Society of Sports Management holds the NASSM annual conference for professionals and students. From the main conference to the teaching & learning fair, attendees have the opportunity to learn new trends in the industry.

Sports Industry Networking and Career Conference: The Sports Industry Networking Career Conference has a variety of events, including on-site interviews with several top sports management firms along with notable keynote speakers, panel discussions, and presentations. It's a great place to get started when looking to begin in a sports career.

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference explores different topics in the sports management industry each year.

Sports Events Marketing Experience: Each year, Georgetown University's Sports Entrepreneurship Association hosts the Sports Events Marketing Experience (SEME) with participants and speakers from some of the top sports organizations.

TEAMS Conference and Expo: The TEAMS Conference and Expo is hosted each year by SportsTravel, complete with networking sessions, personal appointments with leaders in the industry, and more.

National Student Leadership Conference: The National Student Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity for high school students to experience what working in the sports management field is like.

Sport Event Risk Management Workshops: Developed by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security with the Department of Homeland Security and National Association of Directors of Athletics, these workshops are designed to discuss safety issues for NCAA universities for athletic events.

Professional Organizations, Associations and Societies

North American Society for Sport Management: The North American Society for Sport Management is focused on professional development and the continued study and research of the field of sport management. Student and professional chapters exist.

Sport Marketing Association: The Sport Marketing Association is centered on providing resources and professional development opportunities specifically in the area of marketing in sports management for students, academicians, and sport management professionals.

Sport Lawyers Association: A non-profit, international organization, the Sport Lawyers Association is committed to setting a standard of ethical practice, provide information and education, and encourage discussion on the topics relevant to the practice of sports law.

North American Society for the Sociology of Sport: Since 1978, the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS) has promoted the study of the sociology of sports, games, and general physical culture.

National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics: The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) is an organization for the administration of collegiate athletics.

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association: The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) "champions the profession of athletic administration through educational opportunities, advocating ethics, developing leaders and fostering community."

North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity: The North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity is focused on sharing information related to the study of human behavior of individuals that engage in sports or physical activities.

Databases and Journals

Journal of Sport Management: The North American Society for Sport Management publishes the Journal of Sport management, its official research journal, to disseminate information on topics related to the management, consumption of, and governance in sport management.

Journal of Applied Sport Management: This journal is a peer-reviewed resource that provides readers with access to applied research, published in partnership with the Southern Sport Management Association.

International Journal of Sport Management: The International Journal of Sport Management is a peer-reviewed source of information that is useful for professionals and athletic administrators from an international perspective.

Sport Management Review: The Sport Management Review is focused on the sports industries and sports profession in terms of marketing and management. This journal is the official publication of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Journal of Sport Administration & Supervision: This journal includes topics that range from the supervision and administration of all levels of sports from amateur to professional.

Business Source Premier: With access to over 2,200 journals, this database has everything from articles to industry reports to explore emerging trends and theory in the field of sport management.

Sport Business Resource Network: The Sport Business Resource Network (SBRnet) is a research network with information on marketing research for sport business professionals.

SportDiscus: The SportDiscus database includes articles from hundreds of journals focused on sports and sports medicine.

Job Posting Boards

CareerBuilder: Search CareerBuilder for thousands of career positions from entry level to executive in a variety of sport management options.

Indeed: The Indeed job board is an excellent source for finding positions as well as for doing research for different salary estimates and different types of positions available in the sports management industry.

Jobs in Sports: Jobs in Sports is a subscription job board site that has the most current postings in positions from throughout the sports industry as well as internships.

The Sports Careers Institute: The Sports Careers Institute has job postings along with career development resources for future and current sports management professionals.


Sports Management News: The Sports Management News website has news, career resources, information on sport management programs, and numerous other helpful tools and tips for the sport management professional or student.

Sports Business News: Sports Business News is a comprehensive resource for news about all sports, sports in the media, podcasts, and ownership and management news.

College Sports Business News: For information and "The Stories Behind the Scores" for collegiate sports, the College Sports Business News is a valuable resource.

Sportsnetworker: The Sportsnetworker website has interviews, job postings, and resources posted that are particularly useful for sports management students.

Ethics Resource Center: Explore various issues in the ethical management and player practices facing the sports industry today.

StatSheet: At, visitors can explore statistics from both professional and collegiate leagues, hear the latest news in the sports industry, study comparisons of trends in sports, and gain access to helpful resources and links.

National Association for Sport and Physical Education: In addition to a lot of useful information for anyone interested in sports, this website has a list of possible job positions in sports management.

Sports Management Blogs

The Sports Info Business blog is for sports management students and professionals looking for information on practically any sport from any area of the world.

The Academy of Sport Management has up-to-the-minute news and information on marketing and sport management, along with information on academic programs from an academia perspective.

The Sports Agent Blog has a lot of useful information for anyone interested in sports management, from lists of agencies to internships in the field.

Sports Management Blog shares the expertise of Gabriel Mangano, owner of a sports management firm. The blog focuses on the use of social media and new technologies for sports management, and it was aimed in the top 50 blogs for sports industry by the Masters in Sports Administration website.

The PR in Sports blog gives sports management enthusiasts the opportunity to take a look at the field from the public relations and marketing perspective with relevant information for sports management teams to consider with commentary on how specific situations were handled from a PR perspective and what, if any, changes would have been better or worse.

The Sports Cubicle: Find daily updates on sports news and information on sports management careers at The Sports Cubicle.

DS Sport Management: DS Sport Management, a blog by Dan Sullivan, gives useful information and tips on management in sports, networking, and other related topics and ideas.

Twitter Accounts

@sportsmanguru: A Twitter account exploring current issues and events in the sports industry.

@EvolutionFB: Tweets about professional drafts, endorsements, contracts, and various other issues facing the sports management field today.

@RUSportsMgmt: This is the official Twitter for the Sports Management Department at Rutgers University.

@AuthSportsMgmt: Tweets from a top sports marketing and management firm.

@espn: Daily updates on the latest in sports news from a respected source in the field of sports.

@1001RecruitTips: A twitter account from NCAA provides an overview of various tips for athletic recruits.

@nassm_sportmgt: the North American Society for Sport Management Twitter account tweets information on the organization and general information for sport management professionals and students like interviewing tips.


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