Top 30 Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Science

Health science careers are ideal for professionals who want to combine their love of scientific study with their desire to help others. The health science field is broad and offers plenty of stepping stones from entry-level positions. The general public makes millions of contacts per day with medical technicians and therapeutic assistants at health care facilities. Degree programs balance technical training with lessons in ethics, policy, and interpersonal relationships for improved patient outcomes. Recent graduates in these positions are trained in the latest research and techniques to ensure proper care for diverse populations. Technicians and assistants not only form the frontlines of the health care industry, but they also show the value of a good health science education. 

Clinics, hospitals, and medical schools employ health science professionals to assist patients with long-term issues. Health educators develop specialized interventions for individuals and communities after researching specific health issues. Dietitians and nutritionists work with patients of all ages, races, and income levels to craft nutrition plans that improve quality of life. Occupational therapists work with patients to recover physical capabilities to complete day-to-day tasks. Recreational therapists use everything from painting to outdoor activities to guide patients through recovery plans. While some of these positions require certifications, the first step toward all of these jobs is a bachelor's degree in a health science discipline. 

The necessary skills and traits for health science professionals were identified in an article from Pomona College. Clear communication and empathy were identified as vital skills. From technicians to department heads, the success of any health care provider depends on listening to patients and developing strong relationships. The most successful people in this field are driven to serve their patients while upholding best practices and ethical standards. Health science professionals must also be driven toward scientific study, given the frequency of technological advancements and new medical discoveries. For professionals who hold all of these characteristics, it is a good idea to consider substantive reasons to become a health science professional. 

Why Become a Health Science Professional?

The long-term job prospects and average salaries for health science jobs are obvious attractions to newcomers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an 18% growth in health care jobs from 2016 to 2026, exceeding the overall growth estimate of 8%. Health science workers will be needed to care for older patients and to provide specialized care well into the future. The average salary of a health care professional was $66,440 in 2018. This average included salaries for recreational therapists ($47,860), nutritionists ($60,370), and occupational therapists ($84,270). All of these salaries far exceeded the average salary of $38,640 for all professions, showing that health science degrees are good investments. 

Surveys of health science professionals also show overall satisfaction with their career choices. A 2013 study of physician assistants found that 80% of respondents found balance in their work and personal lives. The International Journal for Quality in Health Care published a report in 2017 that showed 82% of respondents would recommend their employer to fellow health workers. A health science career provides opportunities every day to improve the lives of others and to expand the limits of learned knowledge. Therapists, assistants, and educators also see outcomes of their work overtime, providing steady returns on invested time and energy. This combination of fulfilling and challenging work leads to satisfaction among long-time practitioners. 

The versatility of health science degrees creates multiple paths to careers in the field. A bachelor's in health science should be seen as a starting point, rather than a terminal degree. Universities offer certificates, graduate degrees, and continuing education programs to build on undergraduate knowledge. Technicians and therapy assistants can move up the departmental ladder with experience and skill development. Therapists, educators, and specialists can move from clinics to university hospitals, research facilities, or their even own practices. The foundations of a varied and rewarding career can start on a laptop in a home office. An online bachelor's in health science can help you take the first step toward your dream career. 


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  5. Price
  6. Admitted students' test scores
  7. Acceptance rate


#30. Bay Path University – Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration

Program Website

Bay Path University has offered bachelor's degree programs to female students since opening in 1897. The American Women's College, maintained by the university, was the first online platform for all-female undergraduate programs in the United States. The college's 28 online degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration. Health service administration students complete courses such as medical ethics and health service quality. Bay Path University also requires the completion of the leadership in practice capstone prior to graduation. This BS program can be completed in one year for associate degree holders and less than four years for new students. Distance learners can begin pursuing this degree during any of the six terms throughout the year. 

Bay Path University actively promotes higher education for women through its annual Women's Leadership Conference. The university also offers graduate and doctoral degrees without concern for student gender. Money ranked Bay Path University No. 430 in its "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018" list. U.S. News & World Report recognized the school's cutting-edge approaches to higher education with a No. 11 rank in its "Most Innovative Schools for 2019" index. The publication also celebrated American Women's College with a No. 264 rank among the "Best Online Bachelor's Programs." Bay Path University's main campus in Longmeadow is supported by campuses in Sturbridge and Concord, to serve students throughout Massachusetts. 

TMD Ranking Score: 76.37


#29. Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis – Indianapolis, Indiana

Bachelor in Health Sciences

Program Website

Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis caters to traditional and online students with its Bachelor in Health Sciences degree. After satisfying general education credits, health science students proceed to major-specific courses such as Diversity Issues in Health and Lifespan Development. Seniors in the program are required to complete internships in their final semesters before graduation. The School of Health & Human Services offers a Master of Science in Health Sciences that is ideal for BS graduates interested in advanced research. The university's connection to the Indiana University system offers students easy access to 131 online degrees, ranging from business administration to tourism planning. 

Students are able to earn Indiana University and select Purdue University degrees at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. The school was created through a merger of both universities' regional campuses in 1969. Known as IUPUI, the university has attracted national attention beyond its lengthy name. U.S. News & World Report recognized IUPUI with a No. 45 rank in its "Most Innovative Schools" index and a No. 194 rank among National Universities for 2019. The university also received a No. 108 placement in the publication's High School Counselor Rankings. Forbes celebrated the university's affordability with a No. 275 place in America's Best Value Colleges for 2019. IUPUI touted a student body from 50 states and 142 countries during the 2018–2019 school year. 

TMD Ranking Score: 77.88


#28. United States University – San Diego, California

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Program Website

United States University delivers its online Bachelor of Science in Health Science to students around the world from sunny San Diego. The program can be completed in less than four years, with courses taken over 10 semesters. Students are asked to focus their coursework on concentrations in gerontology, health education, and health services administration. Every BS student completes several core courses, including Human Nutrition and Principles of Epidemiology. Upper-level courses, such as Health Informatics, Elder Law, and Health Care Marketing, create well-rounded graduates. The university's senior capstone allows graduating students to demonstrate their readiness for the workforce. Health science students can add to their resumes by completing online graduate certificates in health care leadership and health informatics. 

United States University began teaching students under the name "InterAmerican College" in 1997. The school initially focused on immigrants to the United States who wanted to transfer their degrees from foreign universities. This international focus was followed by an expansion from its southern California base through online health science, business, and education degrees. United States University joined Aspen University as part of the Aspen Group's family of affordable universities in 2017. The school holds accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges through its Senior College and University Commission. Military veterans benefit from the university's participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program and dedicated tuition assistance funding. 

TMD Ranking Score: 80.20


#27. West Virginia State University – Institute, West Virginia

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

Aspiring public health experts can start their careers with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from West Virginia State University. This distance learning program includes 40 credits of community health education courses such as Community Health and Business Information Skills. A 28-credit core group of courses spans topics such as rural health issues and health theory. Every student must complete an internship in health sciences prior to graduation. Completion of this online BS program can take as few as two years of full-time work, though a four-year option is available to part-time students. The university accepts up to 72 credits from students transferring from two-year colleges and associate degree holders. 

West Virginia State University's online degree offerings include undergraduate degrees in business administration and criminal justice. The school was founded in 1891 as a college for African-American students. Notable alumni of the university include film director Antoine Fuqua and Earl Lloyd, the first black player in the NBA. Niche's 2019 grades for West Virginia State University included an A- for Diversity and a No. 481 rank among Colleges with the Best Professors in America. U.S. News & World Report placed the school at No. 173 among National Liberal Arts Colleges for 2019. The publication also ranked West Virginia State University No. 130 in High School Counselor Rankings and No. 36 in Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

TMD Ranking Score: 80.20


#26. University of Colorado Colorado Springs – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Science

Program Website

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs helps associate degree holders advance their careers with its Bachelor of Science in Health Care Science program. Applicants to the Allied Health Completion option must demonstrate current licensure in an allied health field and at least 40 credits of professional training. Core requirements, such as health science research and health communication, present students with the latest research in the field. Students near the Colorado Springs campus can use departmental resources like the Center for Active Living and the Simulation Learning Center to bring their studies to life. The University of Colorado Colorado Springs offers a Master of Science in Health Promotion for graduates looking ahead to leadership opportunities. 

This campus joined the University of Colorado system in 1965 after years of occasional courses offered in the area. The University of Colorado Colorado Springs has since developed a reputation for innovative college programs. Online options offered by the school include seven bachelor's degrees and six graduate degrees. U.S. News & World Report ranked the school No. 114 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for 2019. The publication also confirmed the university's reputation for budget-friendly education, with a No. 57 rank among the country's "Best Value Schools." Niche ranked the university No. 300 in Top Public Universities in America for 2019. The U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard for 2019 reports that 79% of students were enrolled full-time, and 31% received federal grants. 

TMD Ranking Score: 81.25


#25. Eastern Washington University – Cheney, Washington

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Program Website

The primary audience for Eastern Washington University's online Bachelor of Science in Health Science is existing health science professionals. Pre-nursing and pre-dental students at the university, along with associate degree holders, also find this program useful. First-year students in the program complete courses such as Process Improvement Essentials and Public Health Foundations. In a student's second year, he or she complete upper-level courses in clinical education and career strategies. Eastern Washington University uses the Canvas online learning platform to facilitate student collaboration and lectures in its online programs. The university's distance learning options reach beyond health science to disciplines including addiction studies and children's studies. 

U.S. News & World Report placed Eastern Washington University at No. 77 in Regional Universities West for 2019. The school also ranked No. 24 in Top Public Schools and No. 117 in Engineering Programs. Niche included the university in its 2019 rankings, pacing it at No. 121 in its "Best College Athletics in America" index and at No. 412 among the Most Diverse Colleges in America. The university's football team has not only won a national championship, but it also plays on a red-turf field that is unique in the nation. Eastern Washington University opened its doors in 1882; since its founding, the school has extended its reach through campuses in Spokane, Seattle, and four additional locations in the state. 

TMD Ranking Score: 81.25


#24. Northwestern State University – Natchitoches, Louisiana

Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health

Program Website

Northwestern State University's eNSU platform features online bachelor's degrees in 15 disciplines, including a Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health. Applicants to the program must be currently licensed in a health care field and hold an associate degree in allied health. Required courses span topics from foundations of patient care to health care quality. The university asks students to select from technology or leadership and management concentrations to shape their degree tracks. Graduates interested in further education can remain with eNSU to earn their master's degrees in health promotion and radiologic science. Northwestern State University also features certificate programs in cardiovascular technology, MRI, and CT, to aid with technical professions. 

Northwestern State University began as a teacher's college, founded in 1884. The school expanded its programs from two-year degrees to four-year degrees in 1921 and took on its current name in 1970. Northwestern State University reaches students from four campuses in Louisiana, in addition to the eNSU platform. U.S. News & World Report placed the university No. 264 in its rankings of the "Best Online Bachelor's Programs for 2019." The university was also ranked No. 107 in Regional Universities South by the publication. Niche gave the school an overall grade of B in 2019, with an A- for Diversity and a B for Academics. Northwestern State University placed No. 19 in the college ranking site's "Best Online Colleges in America" list. 

TMD Ranking Score: 81.94


#23. Florida Gulf Coast University – Fort Myers, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Program Website

The 100% online Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Florida Gulf Coast University appeals to working professionals with two-year degrees. With an associate degree in hand, a student can complete this BS degree in two years. Florida Gulf Coast University maintains agreements with community colleges in Florida to simplify admissions in allied health programs. The Department of Health Sciences requires online students to complete courses in U.S. health care systems and research methods. Students also select five electives from classes such as Healthy Communities and Musculoskeletal Anatomy, to customize their degrees. Graduates looking to strengthen their credentials can complete an online master's degree in health science or a certificate in health services administration. 

Florida Gulf Coast University is a recent entrant to the State University System of Florida, with its first students arriving in 1991. In its brief history, the school has expanded from Fort Myers to three additional campuses. Forbes placed Florida Gulf Coast University No. 553 in its "Top Colleges for 2019" list. The financial publication also ranked the school No. 200 in Public Colleges. U.S. News & World Report showed the school's quick rise in the region with a No. 78 in Regional Universities South and a No. 29 ranking among Top Public Schools. The Eagles basketball teams have also helped to vault the university into the national spotlight, with several NCAA tournament appearances since 2009. 

TMD Ranking Score: 82.29


#22. Purdue University Global – Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor of Science in Health Science Online

Program Website

Purdue University maintains more than 175 online degree programs through Purdue University Global. The Bachelor of Science in Health Science Online features courses such as environmental health and advanced health information necessary for allied health careers. An optional internship can be arranged using Purdue University's extensive connections. Purdue University Global works to reduce tuition costs by accepting prior work experience and transfer credits from applicants, and the PME2Degree initiative converts military experience into credits. International students can apply for a 25% tuition reduction after acceptance into the program. Graduates of the health science program can continue their schooling with accelerated graduate degrees in public health, health education, and health informatics. 

Purdue University Global was created in 2018 and serves students from facilities in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska. Forbes noted the university's affordability with a No. 69 rank in America's Best Value Colleges for 2019. The publication also showed Purdue's national reputation with a No. 126 place in Top Colleges. U.S. News & World Report ranked the university No. 21 in Best Undergraduate Teaching and No. 28 in Best Colleges for Veterans. Distance learners and traditional students benefit from academic research at institutes like the Center for Research on Young People's Health and the Purdue Robotics Accelerator. Graduates of Purdue University Online programs join famous alumni like astronaut Neil Armstrong and NFL quarterback Drew Brees. 

TMD Ranking Score: 82.99


#21. Kettering College – Kettering, Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

Kettering College has been providing Christian-based degree programs since its founding in 1967. The school is noted for its distance learning options like the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Working professionals who have completed associate degrees in allied health fields can complete the BS program in two years. Students are asked to select from five specializations including education, respiratory care, and advanced imaging. The seven-credit core curriculum includes a senior project and courses on health care economics and community health perspectives. Kettering College also asks students to choose electives such as Leadership Theory and Pathophysiology, to support their specializations. The school maintains partnerships with hospitals and care facilities throughout Ohio, to facilitate internships and practical experiences. 

The Kettering Medical Center owns the college, which explains the attention paid to allied health degrees. Associate and bachelor's degrees in seven disciplines are offered, as is a doctoral program in occupational therapy. Forbes ranked Kettering College No. 374 in Top Colleges and No. 246 in Private Colleges for 2019. Niche graded the college an A- for Value, and A- for Campus, and a B for Diversity in 2019. The U.S. Department of Education reports that 97% of students at Kettering College were full-time students as of 2019. The department's College Scorecard also reveals that 94% of students returned after completing one year of studies. 

TMD Ranking Score: 83.33


#20. Southern New Hampshire University – Manchester, New Hampshire

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

U.S. News & World Report ranked Southern New Hampshire University No. 1 in its listing of the "Most Innovative Schools for 2019." This ranking was achieved through programs like the online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Students in this BS program can quickly proceed toward graduation, as six terms are held per year. Classes on health care reimbursement, health care finance and the health sciences capstone produce graduates ready for workplace challenges. The university's transfer policy allows applicants to apply up to 90 credits from other institutions toward their degrees. Southern New Hampshire University leverages its connections to provide internship and networking opportunities throughout the United States. Graduate degree options such as the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration offer students launching pads to leadership positions. 

Southern New Hampshire University began life as a business school in 1932. The school became New Hampshire College in 1969 and adopted its present name in 2001. Money placed the school at No. 716 among the Best Colleges For Your Money 2018. Niche's 2019 college rankings included a No. 21 place in Best Online Colleges in America and a No. 62 place among Best College Campuses in America. The U.S. Department of Education reports that 45% of students received income-based federal grants, and 71% of students were part-time students, as of 2019. The Penmen men's soccer team is the university's most notable athletics program, with several national championship appearances. 

TMD Ranking Score: 83.91


#19. Washburn University – Topeka, Kansas

Bachelor of Health Science

Program Website

Washburn University's Bachelor of Health Science allows online students to select from three majors to match their career interests. The health services administration option uses courses in management and health care policy to train future hospital leaders. Medical imaging students can further specialize in sonography, MRI operation, or radiation therapy, in pursuit of high-demand jobs. Those interested in the medical laboratory science major benefit from Washburn University's association with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The Allied Health Department helps professionals boost their career prospects with a post-graduate certificate and a master's degree. Newcomers to the health science field can also prepare for the online BS program with associate degrees in five health care disciplines. 

U.S. News & World Report pointed to the university's regional reputation with a No. 106 rank among Regional Universities Midwest for 2019. Niche ranked Washburn University No. 299 among the Top Public Universities in America and No. 504 in Most Diverse Colleges in America. Online degree offerings at Washburn University focus on health care fields and include a doctoral degree in nursing and myriad undergraduate degrees. The school opened its Topeka campus in 1865 under the Lincoln College name, before adopting its current name in 1868. Washburn University's athletics programs date to 1891 when the Ichabods men's football team played its first season. Students and faculty visiting the campus will find facilities such as the Crane Observatory and the Mulvane Art Museum. 

TMD Ranking Score: 84.29


#18. American Public University – Charles Town, West Virginia

Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

American Public University has provided distance learning options to college students since 1991. The university offers 52 undergraduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Science. Students are able to jump into this four-year degree quickly, thanks to monthly student intakes. The required 42 credits in the health sciences major cover topics such as exercise physiology and emergency medical services. Graduates of the BAS program can expand their career options with the university's Master of Science in Health Information Management or a Master of Public Health degree. American Public University offers military grants that limit tuition costs for current and former military personnel and their families. 

American Public University began as a specialized training school for military personnel. In 1996, the school expanded to welcome civilian students with an initial group of undergraduate degrees. The affordability of American Public University's programs was confirmed with a B grade for Value in Niche's 2019 college rankings. Ninety-two percent of students attend the university part-time, according to the 2019 College Scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education. The scorecard indicates diversity in the student body, with 16% of students identifying as African American and 12% identifying as Hispanic. The Military Times ranked American Public University No. 8 on its "Best for Vets: Colleges 2019" list. 

TMD Ranking Score: 85.42


#17. West Texas A&M University – Canyon, Texas

Bachelor in Health Sciences

Program Website

The Bachelor in Health Sciences is among the online program options that have placed West Texas A&M University high in national college rankings. U.S. News & World Report ranked the school No. 18 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for 2019. The health sciences program provides comprehensive education through eight-course areas. Classes cover topics from business administration to public policy, to prepare graduates for the constant changes in the health care field. West Texas A&M University serves new students as well as associate degree holders looking to strengthen their resumes. Students near the university's Canyon campus can consult the Panhandle Area Health Education Center for scholarships and community health worker certification. 

West Texas A&M University is the westernmost member of the 11-campus Texas A&M University system. The school began as a teacher's college in 1910, before evolving into a public university in 1993. Niche gave the university an A- for Diversity, a B+ for Value, and a B+ for Campus in 2019. The site also ranked West Texas A&M University No. 218 in Top Public Universities in America. U.S News & World Report highlighted the university's regional prominence, placing it at No. 81 in its "Regional Universities West" index. The Buffaloes cross country team represents the school's most recent athletic successes, with six consecutive conference championships from 2013 to 2018. 

TMD Ranking Score: 85.68


#16. Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, Arizona

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

Online students completing Northern Arizona University's Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences focus on public health issues and policies. The 19 credits required by the Department of Health Sciences include courses in human nutrition and current health issues. Fifty-three credits of major requirements cover topics such as administration of health services and human diseases. Northern Arizona University allows students to complete internships or add three elective courses prior to graduation. The Department of Health Sciences offers in-person graduate degrees in health promotion and nutrition for students interested in additional learning. Distance learning opportunities at Northern Arizona University span from a certificate in professional writing to a master's degree in nursing. 

Northern Arizona University opened the doors of its Flagstaff campus in 1899. In the following century, the school reached students elsewhere in the state through partnerships with 12 community colleges. Money placed the university at No. 605 in its ranking of "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018." Forbes confirmed Northern Arizona University's return on investment for students with a No. 236 ranking in its "America's Best Value Colleges for 2019" index. The Lumberjacks men's cross country program has excelled at the national level, with three consecutive Division I championships between 2016 and 2018. The university also houses academic research facilities such as the Center for American Indian Resilience and the Pathogen and Microbiome Institute. 

TMD Ranking Score: 86.23


#15. Trident University International – Cypress, California

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

Trident University International's proprietary distance learning system connects students around the world to degrees like the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. This four-year program asks students to select a generalist track or one of four public health tracks. Public health students can focus on general public health, health education, health care administration, or occupational health and safety. The university requires all health science students to complete 10 core courses, including Health Behavior and Health Promotion. Every student completes a senior capstone project that synthesizes all of the knowledge from the required courses. Health science professionals can strengthen their career prospects with the university's online Master of Science in Health Sciences and doctorate programs. 

Trident University International first offered online degrees from its California campus in 1998. The school transitioned from being a part of the Touro College and University System to an independent college in 2007. Today, the school's degree options span academic disciplines from business analytics to homeland security. Niche's 2019 grades for the university included a B- for Value. Forbes listed Trident University International among its 10 Great Colleges for Adults Returning to School. College Choice ranked the university No. 10 in Most Affordable Public Health Degrees for 2017. The Military Times notes that approximately 75% of the school's student body are veterans or active-duty military personnel. 

TMD Ranking Score: 86.81


#14. Nova Southeastern University – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bachelor of Health Science

Program Website

Nova Southeastern University's College of Health Care Sciences encourages students to personalize its Bachelor of Health Science program. Newcomers to the program select from generalist, health care administration, or occupational therapy tracks. All tracks feature required courses, including classes on cultural competency and health policy. Each student also completes a professional writing course in his or her first semester and a capstone project in the final year of study. Upper-level students can customize their degree tracks by meeting the three-elective minimum prior to graduation. The university also offers a Master of Health Science and Doctor of Health Science programs, which are appealing to many BHS graduates. Nova Southeastern University manages 33 health care facilities in southern Florida, which offer experiential opportunities for students in these programs. 

Nova Southeastern University was founded in 1964 to provide graduate education for aspiring students. The university has expanded from its Fort Lauderdale campus to nine Florida campuses and satellite centers, along with a campus in Puerto Rico. Forbes ranked the school No. 522 in its Top Colleges for 2019. U.S. News & World Report has recognized Nova Southeastern University's online graduate programs with a No. 52 place on its listing of Best Online Graduate Criminal Justice Programs and a No. 93 place among the Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs. The publication also awarded the university a No. 220 place in its High School Counselor Rankings for 2019. Notable graduates of Nova Southeastern University include professional baseball player J.D. Martinez and Olympic swimmer Esau Simpson. 

TMD Ranking Score: 87.16


#13. Rutgers University – New Brunswick, New Jersey

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

Rutgers University partners with Thomas Edison State University to provide a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences to online learners. This completion program is intended for current health care professionals who previously earned associate degrees. Students select from aging, health care management, and psychiatric rehabilitation tracks as focal points for their learning. Rutgers requires all health sciences students to complete five interdisciplinary courses on topics such as the Ethics of Health Care and Principles of Scientific Inquiry. Prior to graduation, students in the program must also complete 160 hours of field experience in their selected track. The School of Health Professions encourages students to learn about the health sciences field by hosting an annual speaker series and offering summer internships on faculty research projects. 

Rutgers University has existed under the name Queen's College and Rutgers College since 1766. The current name was given to the school in 1924. The flagship New Brunswick campus is supplemented by campuses in Newark and Camden and online courses. Money's No. 65 rank for Rutgers University in its "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018" list shows the public school's affordability. Forbes ranked the university No. 136 in its listing of Top Colleges and No. 36 in Public Colleges for 2019. Fans of the Scarlet Knights athletics teams have cheered on conference champions in basketball, football, and soccer in the 21st century. Rutgers University is also home to dozens of research centers, including the Brain Health Institute and the Center for Media Studies.

TMD Ranking Score: 87.57


#12. Keiser University – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Program Website

U.S. News & World Report ranked Keiser University No. 200 among the Best Online Bachelor's Programs for 2019. The online Bachelor of Science in Health Science program helped the university achieve this recognition. BS students complete 48 credits in major requirements, including courses such as Public Policy in Health Care and competency-based instruction. Keiser University also requires completion of four courses in professional communication and critical thinking. In addition to the online platform, students may complete the degree at one of 16 Florida campuses, or at the university's campus in Nicaragua. Distance learners access campus resources such as admissions assistance and financial aid through live chat features on its Web page. Keiser University attracts military personnel from nearby bases with tuition rates that are just two-thirds the cost of regular tuition. 

Dr. Arthur and Evelyn Keiser founded the university in 1977 to serve adult learners and students seeking additional degrees. The school's degree offerings span disciplines from accounting and culinary arts to sport management. Keiser University's reach extends from its main Fort Lauderdale campus to a satellite campus in Shanghai, China. The school also features a residential campus in West Palm Beach that houses the College of Golf. Niche's 2019 college rankings included a No. 3 rank in Best Online Colleges in America and a No. 152 rank among the Top Private Universities in America. Money highlighted the school's value to students with a No. 571 rank in its "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018" index. 

TMD Ranking Score: 87.63


#11. Wilmington University – New Castle, Delaware

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Program Website

Since opening in 1968, Wilmington University has evolved from a small private school in Delaware to a provider of hybrid degree options. The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is a good example of the school's growth. Students may complete the program online, in person, or using a mixture of both class types. Wilmington University presents the Health Sciences BS as a four-year degree or degree-completion path. Applicants can also reduce their course loads from 40 to 10 units by taking advantage of the 90-credit transfer allotment. Six required courses in the major include Professionalism in Health Sciences and a senior practicum or capstone course. The College of Health Professions also features a joint BS/MS program that accelerates completion of both degrees. 

Wilmington University serves students at campuses in Delaware and New Jersey, including Dover Air Force Base. The university notes that 44% of its student body complete courses online. The school's Office of Institutional Research reports that 73% of students are enrolled part-time, and 63% of students are female. U.S. News & World Report ranked Wilmington University No. 237 in its High School Counselor Rankings for 2019. The publication also placed the university at No. 230 among National Universities. Niche gave the school an A- for Diversity and a B for Value in its 2019 college rankings. Students and alumni enjoyed regional titles earned by the Wildcats men's baseball and golf teams in 2015. 

TMD Ranking Score: 87.77


#10. University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Program Website

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science from the University of Cincinnati helps occupational therapy assistants advance their careers. This online completion degree focuses on behavior and occupational studies. Working professionals can finish the program with two years of full-time study or four years of part-time study. Health science students are encouraged to pair their degrees with minors in psychology, due to an interdisciplinary partnership between departments. UC Online, the university's distance learning platform, allows easy completion of major requirements such as psychobiology and pharmacology. Graduating students work with faculty advisors to develop senior capstones that explore common issues in health care practices. 

UC Online offers a variety of degree options for students around the world who are interested in exploring disciplines from criminal justice to pharmaceutical sciences. The university received a No. 69 placement in the "Best Online Bachelor's Programs" index from U.S. News & World Report. Additional rankings for the University of Cincinnati included a No. 147 placement among National Universities and No. 130 ranking among Best Value Schools. Money previously supported the school's standing as an affordable option, with a No. 618 place in its "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018" list. Research facilities like the Ohio Centers for Excellence and the Center for Field Studies attract international scholars and students. Throughout its history, the Bearcats athletics programs have won national championships in dance, swimming, and men's basketball. 

TMD Ranking Score: 87.85


#9. Indiana University Bloomington – Bloomington, Indiana

Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science

Program Website

U.S. News & World Report ranked Indiana University Bloomington No. 20 in Best Online Bachelor's Programs and No. 1 in Best Online MBA Programs for 2019. The school's reputation for distance learning has been achieved through programs like its Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science. Students select from community health education and health administration tracks to define their degree paths. Forty-two credits of required courses delve into topics such as informatics and consumer health. Every student also completes six credits of grant writing and internship courses. An around-the-clock student services center helps students deal with technical issues and questions about the curriculum. 

Indiana University Bloomington is the centerpiece of the nine-campus Indiana University system. The Bloomington campus has been educating students since its creation in 1820. Indiana University Bloomington has produced alumni including U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, journalist Jane Pauley, and former NBA player Isiah Thomas. The university's international reputation for academic excellence is upheld by research facilities like the Electron Microscopy Center. Forbes placed the school highly in its 2019 rankings, including a No. 105 spot among America's Best Value Colleges and No. 132 in Top Colleges. The university's value to students was confirmed the previous year, when Money ranked Indiana University Bloomington No. 94 in its "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018" list. 

TMD Ranking Score: 87.90


#8. Northern Kentucky University – Highland Heights, Kentucky

Bachelor of Science in Health Science Online

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Northern Kentucky University touts its Bachelor of Science in Health Science Online as an accelerated option for working adults. This program can be completed in less than one year, thanks to a generous credit transfer policy and seven-week courses. First-year college students complete 120 university credits over four years for this online BS. Core courses, ranging from Health Care Research to Chronic Disease Management, provide tools for health science careers. Students also learn essential management skills through required courses in leadership development and health care education. First-time online students at Northern Kentucky University are in contention for reduced tuition through the Path to Success Scholarship. 

Northern Kentucky University's online offerings focus on business, education, and health care disciplines. The school was founded in 1968 and grew from a regional educator for students in Kentucky and Ohio to a nationally known university. U.S. News & World Report placed Northern Kentucky University No. 23 in Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs for 2019. The publication also slotted the university at No. 33 among the Top Public Schools. Forbes confirmed its reputation with a No. 246 listing among Public Colleges and a No. 640 ranking in its "Top Colleges" list. The school achieved athletic success when its men's basketball team won a conference title in its first year at the Division I level, in 2017. 

TMD Ranking Score: 88.47


#7. Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences

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Arizona State University's online degree programs received a No. 2 rank in the "Best Online Bachelor's Programs" list by U.S. News & World Report. The university offers more than 200 distance-learning degree options, including an Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences. The typical student in this program holds an associate degree and currently works in a health science field. This degree completion program features course terms lasting under eight weeks, and 19 courses are required. Initial courses in the program include Health Communication, Fundamentals of Wellness, and Global Health Care Systems. Upper-level students advance to classes covering issues such as population health management and the impact of violence on health. 

Arizona State University has grown in stature since its founding in 1885. The school serves students in Tempe and Lake Havasu City, along with campuses in China and Washington, D.C. Students throughout the world flock to the university, due to its affordability. Money placed Arizona State University at No. 115 in Best Colleges For Your Money 2018. Niche's 2019 grades for the university included an A for Diversity and an A- for Value. The site's rankings also place the university at No. 48 among the Best Big Colleges in America and at No. 50 among the Top Public Universities in America. Students and faculty on the Tempe campus enjoy traditions including the Lantern Walk and ringing the Victory Bell after football victories. 

TMD Ranking Score: 88.50


#6. Western Kentucky University – Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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Western Kentucky University operates four campuses throughout the state, in addition to h its WKU Online degree portal. The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is available as a traditional degree or via a 100% online program. Students enrolled in this BS program specialize in health services leadership, or the allied health option, which is open to two-year degree holders. The program's preparatory specialization requires in-class and online courses that anticipate requirements for graduate studies. Courses covering topics like Exercise Physiology, Legal Aspects of Health Care, and Lifespan Development impart marketable skills to graduates. The university's transfer scholarships encourage health science applicants from other institutions, offering them up to $4,000 in financial support. 

WKU Online appeals to students around the world with 20 undergraduate degrees and 30 graduate degrees. The university was founded as a teacher's college in 1906 and expanded into other academic disciplines by the time it was renamed Western Kentucky University, in 1948. Hilltoppers athletics teams have enjoyed regional and national success through their swimming and baseball teams. Niche's 2019 grades for the school included an A for Athletics, an A- for Campus, and a B for Diversity. U.S. News & World Report's college rankings in 2019 confirmed Western Kentucky University's distance learning successes with a No. 15 rank in Best Online Bachelor's Programs. The university has also been recognized for its veteran-friendly programs, with a No. 11 rank in Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans. 

TMD Ranking Score: 88.77


#5. University of West Florida – Pensacola, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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The University of West Florida's Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is available with general, health care administration, and public health concentrations. Major requirements for this BS program include four electives, along with core courses such as Gerontology and Medical Disaster Management. Upper-level students are tasked with completing internships and an accompanying course in professional development. The university is also home to an online Master of Healthcare Administration program that acts as the next step for BS graduates. Online academic advisors also assist students with course selection, to prepare them for nursing, therapy, and nutritionist programs at other schools. On-campus resources, such as the UWF Writing Lab and the Professional Studies Library, are accessible through virtual appointments with staff members. 

The university's Pensacola headquarters places on-campus students near the Escambia Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Additional properties in Fort Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Island, and downtown Pensacola provide specialized courses and recreation opportunities. The University of West Florida received a No. 245 ranking in Public Colleges and a No. 255 in Research Universities for 2019 from Forbes. U.S. News & World Report ranked the university No. 261 in High School Counselor Rankings in its 2019 university ratings. The publication also recognized the school's distance learning programs, with a placement at No. 200 in the "Best Online Bachelor's Programs" list. Online degrees available from the University of West Florida include a bachelor's degree in maritime studies and a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction. 

TMD Ranking Score: 91.30


#4. Bellevue University – Bellevue, Nebraska

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

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Since 1966, Bellevue University has provided adult education programs, and it has added online options in recent years. The school's online degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Health Science that prepares graduates for a broad range of careers. Students complete 57 credits of required courses in the major, covering anatomy, abnormal psychology, and applied statistics. Every student also takes the three-course Kirkpatrick Signature Series to learn about American history and values. Bellevue University's pre-medical certificate augments the BS program and prepares students for admission to medical schools. The health science program can also be customized through electives for students who want to pursue advanced degrees in occupational or physical therapy. 

Bellevue University's reputation for exceptional online education was supported by a No. 230 rank in the "Best Online Bachelor's Programs" list from U.S. News & World Report. Niche issued rankings for the school in 2019 that included a No. 19 place among the Safest College Campuses in America. The university encourages student and faculty research through the Center for Cybersecurity Education, the Center for Project Management, and the Human Capital Lab. Bellevue University prides itself on a diverse student body with students from all 50 states and dozens of countries. In addition to online courses, the school teaches traditional courses at colleges and military bases in Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and Washington. 

TMD Ranking Score: 91.65


#3. University of South Dakota – Vermillion, South Dakota

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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The University of South Dakota's USD Online platform houses several programs, including the Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. The target audience for this program is associate degree holders who want an accelerated path to their four-year degrees. Forty-four credits of core requirements span health science topics such as human anatomy and health literacy. Students then select three elective courses from an expansive list that features medical Spanish, health care for native people, and process and outcome evaluation. The University of South Dakota makes online education affordable, with the same tuition rates for in-state, out-of-state, and distance learners. USD Online's reach extends beyond the health sciences program with degrees covering everything from sports administration to professional accountancy. 

In addition to online courses, the University of South Dakota operates four campuses throughout the state. The university established early roots in the region with its founding in 1862, predating statehood by 27 years. Students benefit from the school's affordable tuition, as indicated by a No. 345 rank in Money's Best Colleges For Your Money 2018. U.S. News & World Report placed the university among the nation's best, with a No. 129 place in Top Public Schools and a No. 226 rank among National Universities. USD Online was recognized by the publication at No. 73 in the "Best Online MBA Programs for 2019" list. 

TMD Ranking Score: 93.31


#2. University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri

Bachelor of Health Science in Health Science

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The University of Missouri's Mizzou Online platform provides online degrees in disciplines ranging from biological engineering to public affairs. The school's Bachelor of Health Science in Health Science is friendly to transfer students, with 64 credits required for the major. Students learn essential lessons in clinical ethics, public health practice, and introduction to health professions. Upper-level students are required to complete internships and health care organization seminars prior to graduation. Mizzou Online also features a Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Policy that builds off the BHS program. Health science students can work with their academic advisors to add electives in preparation for advanced professional degrees. 

The University of Missouri was the first university in the American West when it was founded in 1839. The school's main campus, in Columbia, is supported by three other locations as part of the University of Missouri System. Prominent alumni of the university include Walmart founder Sam Walton, journalist Jim Lehrer, and astronaut Linda Godwin. Niche's overall grade of A for the school in 2019 included an A- for Academics and an A for Value. The site's rankings for the university featured a No. 27 in Best College Campuses in America and a No. 54 in Best Big Colleges in America. Money placed the University of Missouri at No. 410 in its "Best Colleges For Your Money 2018" rankings. 

TMD Ranking Score: 95.33


#1. The Ohio State University – Columbus, Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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Ohio State University appeals to traditional and adult students with its online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Community college students pursuing associate degrees in the field can also pursue this BS through Ohio's Credit When It's Due program. New freshmen can also start with general education courses and complete the degree in four years. In the first year of the program, health sciences students learn about pathophysiology, care delivery, and research methods. The final year of the program includes courses on ethical decision-making and health care policy. Ohio State Online, the university's distance learning platform, includes online financial aid counseling and writing services. 

Students around the world study everything from dental hygiene to early childhood development through Ohio State Online. Money ranked The Ohio State University No. 120 on its Best Colleges For Your Money 2018. The university's reputation for student return on investment continued, with a No. 126 ranking for 2019 from U.S. News & World Report. Ohio State Online also garnered a No. 3 rank in Best Online Bachelor's Programs from the publication. Students and faculty conduct research in on-campus facilities such as the Byrd Polar Research Center and the Center for Automotive Research. Graduates of the university join famous alumni like artist Roy Lichtenstein, golfer Jack Nicklaus, and TV personality Kirk Herbstreit. 

TMD Ranking Score: 100.00