What can I do with an education management degree?

Educational management is one of the most gratifying career choices a professional can make. Where else can a manager work with a team to create curriculum, resources, technologies, or policies which will affect students at all levels across a state? The options for educational administrators are as vast as education itself and touches on many areas in the realms of business and leadership.

Many people interested in education management and administration get their start in the classroom. Teachers who desire to broaden their scope of influence will typically receive higher education to meet the requirements to become a principal or work as a school district administrator. While an undergraduate in education with testing is what it takes to get a teacher's license, a master's in education is what is needed at the next level. A perfect program to consider is an online education management master's degree for many reasons. This degree can be so much more convenient when taken online as a student can schedule classes around a busy professional and personal schedule. Educators also find this degree helpful as the curriculum is so easily integrated into their existing classroom. So what jobs can a graduate student with an online education management degree apply for? Here are just a few fields where that degree is a perfect fit.

Prepare for a Career in Private Organizations

Workers with a heart for early childhood development will be adequately trained in areas like professionalism, management, finance, and organizational behavior and can immediately put those skills to work as a director of a private day care center. Today there are also many private tutoring companies which exist as the supplemental support for public and private school students. These tutoring companies need people in management who will grow their programs and clientele. Professionals with a knack for writing, research, and creativity will thrive within an organization which creates a curriculum for schools and school districts. As the world of education continues to become more technological, companies which develop electronic resources and tools for learning will always be in need of people adequately trained in education management.

Prepare for a Career in Public Schools at the Elementary and Secondary level

Some of today's very best school principals got their start as teachers in the classroom. As there is no substitute for experience, principals who know the struggles a teacher goes through first-hand can build a successful career at a school knowing he is trusted as a high-quality leader. Good leaders are good communicators, and principals need to be able to listen to parents and teachers to keep a well-functioning school. At the secondary level, counselors play an important role in helping with conflict resolution and assisting students in maximizing their time in school and finding the right college or profession after graduating high school. School districts carry the responsibility of overseeing multiple campuses at multiple age levels, and an administration team needs to be led by professionals well-versed in the needs of a community. School administrators experience an extra level of professional relations as many will work with local and state education departments on matters of policy, scheduling, and budget concerns.

Prepare for a Career in Higher Education Administration

Administration at the university level is considered by many as being the apex of education management and administration. Colleges and universities have multi-million-dollar budgets, huge staffs, and sometimes billions of dollars in assets to manage. A career in higher education management is highly respected and often very lucrative. While deans and provosts will usually have completed a doctorate as a part of their training, a graduate degree in education management can play a huge role in their educational process.

Prepare for a Career in Government

A career in educational government is especially attractive for graduate students who want to make a difference through social reform and policy development. Professionals at this level need a strong working knowledge of the needs students and educators to have such things can run smoothly at the local level. Government positions dealing with education may include travel and the opportunity for workers to broaden their professional networks. Taking a job with a local state government can also open doors for those interested in pursuing a political career at the state and federal level.

These are just a few of the exciting professional areas which can be available to graduate students who have achieved a master's in education management.