What is Human Resource Management

A human resources manager plays an important role in hiring individuals for a company. He or she is responsible for hiring and training the new employees of a company. Other supervisors will frequently seek the input of an HR manager before they make the decision to hire an individual. In addition to managing the hiring of employees, HR managers also manage the payroll. They may also be responsible for organizing all of the contracts that a company has.

HR Management Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that HR managers make about $99,000 a year. This position is expected to grow only by 13 percent in the next ten years. One of the major reasons for the slow growth in demand is due to the fact that many companies are no longer hiring as many employees as they once did. There is no longer a need for multiple HR managers to work within a company.

Education Required

If you want to become an HR manager, then you should pursue a bachelor's degree. The competition for HR positions can be fierce. An individual is no longer promoted to this position within a company due to his or her experience. Instead, an individual is usually promoted to this position when he or she has received a master's degree. One may have a degree in business management in order to take on a position as an HR manager. Some business schools also give individuals the opportunity to specialize in a human resources degree. If you know that this is your dream career, then you should look at the programs that a college offers before you attend that college. You should try to take courses in employee contracts, accounting and business leadership.


To be an HR manager requires a lot of patience and diligence. You will need to review the applications of people who are applying for positions as employees in a company. You will also need to do a thorough background check on each person who applies for a position in your company. It is up to the HR manager to discover whether a person has a criminal past. Ultimately, other supervisors will rely on your decisions and input in making their own choices regarding hiring or firing an employee. You should also possess excellent written and oral communication skills. You should enjoy being able to lead a team of employees.


One of the major responsibilities that an HR manager has is in ensuring that applicants understand the terms of their employment agreements. You will need to work with the legal team of your company to ensure that you also understand employment agreements. You may need to be able to explain the specific terms and conditions of a contract to all of your employees. You may also be given the responsibility of training any new employees that your company hires. You should be able to help employees feel comfortable in the new positions that they are offered.