What is Project Management?

If you like to have full control over the projects of a company, then you will enjoy a career as a project manager. A project manager has the ability to make crucial decisions for a business at the last minute. The daily activities of a project manager can vary widely in scope. One day, he or she may have to implement a new phone system for a company. On other day, he or she may be given the task of organizing an annual charity gala for the company. One quality that all project managers seem to have in common is an ability to "go with the flow" and deal with large amounts of stress.

Project Management Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average project manager makes about $92,000 a year. Project managers are usually exceptional employees who have shown that they can contribute value to the operation of a business. A project manager also usually receives great benefits from a company. He or she may be given full dental and health insurance, as well as privileges like the use of a company car. He or she may also be given stock options with a company.

Skills Required

To become a project manager, it is essential for individuals to have excellent communication skills. A project manager will need to communicate his or her expectations to a group of employees. The project manager will also need to have the ability to motivate and inspire employees during stressful or high-pressure times. The project manager is someone who is also able to prioritize the tasks that must be completed in a given day. He or she has the foresight to understand which tasks are the most important ones for a company. A project manager truly has the ability to lead people and add value to a company.

Type of Degree Required

To become a project manager, one should pursue a four-year degree in accounting, business management or marketing. He or she should be comfortable in executing the plans that a company may have. A company may also expect that a project manager will take the initiative to figure out which ways a company can be improved. In this instance, a project manager may need to develop new ways for the company to interact with the local community or gain new customers. One does not have to have a four-year degree in order to become a project manager. Companies will frequently promote employees who have proven themselves in the workplace. If you have the ability to work well with others and delegate responsibilities, then you may be promoted to the position of a project manager in your company.


The daily responsibilities of a project manager include developing and executing plans. The project manager should be able to set goals for company, and he or she should be able to accomplish these goals. The project manager may also have to analyze the actual outcome of a project and whether it was successful.