What is Supply Chain Management

If you enjoy figuring out ways to cut costs for a business, then you may enjoy a career as a supply chain manager. Being a supply chain manager involves negotiating with vendors in order to figure out deals that benefit your company. You will also want to have a talent for developing relationships with these individuals, since your company may be purchasing products from them for the next ten or twenty years.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary of a supply chain manager is about $58,000 a year. There will not be a significant growth in the demand for supply chain managers in the next ten years. The BLS states that there will only be a seven percent increase in the demand for supply chain managers. This is due to the major cuts in costs that many companies are facing in a difficult economy. Many companies are not in the position to continue to purchase products, and they are looking for ways to cut their budgets.

Education Required

One does not need a bachelor's degree in order to become a supply chain manager. It can make opening the doors to this career a bit easier if you do have a degree in logistics or supply chain management. Companies will frequently promote individuals who have worked their way up in the past. A company wants to promote an individual who has been able to cut costs in a significant way for the company. On-the-job training is typically the best way for supply chain managers to understand the responsibilities that will be required of them. Most companies will want to see that employees have experience in managing the operations of a company. You will typically need to have past experience in working as a buyer in order to be promoted to a position as a supply chain manager.


To excel in a career as a supply chain manager, it is important for a person to understand how to work with vendors and distributors. A supply chain manager is always looking for ways to save money for the company. You should be someone who can offer innovative ideas to a company in order to help that company cut down on its expenses. You should also be someone who can keep track of all of the maintenance repairs that must be completed for equipment in the business. Being able to manage multiple projects at once is a skill that is required for this position.


The most important responsibility that a supply chain manager has is in being able to manage the budget for a company. A supply chain manager should always make sure that a company has not exceeded its budget for a given month. If a company is on the brink of spending too much money, a supply chain manager should find ways that a company can save money on its bills. He or she may be able to find cost-effective ways to create a product.