What is the benefit of getting a master’s in education management online?

Are you interested in making a significant impact on the lives of students at the primary, secondary, or post-secondary level? Does the thought of working within an organization that writes curriculum, develops technology for use in the classroom, or creates policies for government education? If so, you may be ready to research an online education management master's degree program. Here are just a few reasons why this degree is the right one for you.

An online Master's in Education Management can be very affordable

Many education schools now offer distance learners the same tuition rates offered to in-state traditional students. It is common for some programs that feature between 30 and 36-credit hours to be priced at less than $15,000 in total tuition. Besides advantageous tuition fees, online students save in other areas where their classroom counterparts don't. Distance learners need not be concerned with on-campus housing costs, meal plans, and parking fees. Without regular visits on campus every week for multiple hours, graduate students with children do not have to pay for childcare.

An online Master's in Education Management is designed for convenience and flexibility

Many graduate students in education management and administration are already working for a school or organization. School officials know this and can provide their students with the ability to set up a weekly schedule for course completion that works best for them. It is common for distance learners do coursework during the evenings and on weekends. Some students have even been able to double up on courses and complete entire programs in 12 to 15 months. Students with higher professional and personal demands are often given the option to graduate in five to seven years if necessary.

An online Master's provides unparalleled accessibility

In its infancy, online education experienced growing pains with educators who had only experienced traditional types of teaching in the classroom and who may have been unfamiliar with online curriculum and software. Those days are over. While some colleges have been providing online education for more than twenty years, the best programs know that online students need access to professors and instructors through email and classroom chat groups to ask questions and retrieve valuable information. Many course instructors will post virtual office hours and sometimes provide a personal phone number.

An online Master's does not skimp on what is essential

As more and more students see the benefits of online education, degrees offered through distance learning continue to gain respect for their high-quality characteristics. Comparing an online program to its on-campus alternative will often reveal an identical curriculum. During the admissions process, online students are responsible for meeting high criteria in regard to previous education and professional experience. Online programs will often require their candidates to have maintained a certain GPA at the undergraduate level, produce letters of recommendation, and have worked a certain number of years in a comparable field. Knowing that growing a student's network can prove to be a challenge in distance learning, schools may provide cohort groups, mentors, and group projects to promote making connections throughout the program. And finally, colleges of education across the country make it a point to share with candidates that their physical diplomas will not feature the word "online" in the description of their master's of education management.

An online program has so much to offer the modern graduate student interested in an education management master's program. With reasons like these, you really cannot go wrong.