Where are the most affordable Doctorate in Business Management degrees?

The business professional interested in achieving the highest standard of education that a top Doctorate in Business Management represents has most likely already achieved many goals in the field of business and management. While the Master's of Business Administration degree has become the standard degree for many business professionals, a professional executive doctoral degree, whether pursued as a Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Management, or Executive Doctor of Business, will go far in setting a business professional apart through rigorous curriculum and research and the creation of a dissertation. Many Doctorate in Business Management programs, much like their PhD counterparts, feature tuition rates well into the six-figure category, but there are still many programs at elite business schools throughout the country that provide a top-notch education at very accessible prices. While some doctorate-focused students may still be responsible for loans needed to finance their business graduate degrees, programs like these are a welcomed reality.

University of South Alabama

One very affordable Doctor of Business Administration, with a specializations in Management and Marketing, is offered by the Mitchell College of Business at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. With a total tuition rate of just $24,960, this on-campus DBA meets for coursework over weekends allowing its students to maintain full-time jobs throughout the three years it takes to complete the degree. The first two years of this program include coursework and testing while the third year is mainly comprised of the research component of the degree. Featuring classes like Structural Equation Modeling, Multivariate Analysis, and Seminars in Leadership and Business Strategy, this program "facilitates the transition toward a new career by developing a comprehensive understanding of the discipline and essential research methods. The curriculum encourages a balanced approach to learning conceptual, theoretical and methodological components."

Louisiana Tech University

Another highly accredited Doctor of Business Administration that offers a low tuition rate without sacrificing quality, is featured at Louisiana Tech University's College of Business in Ruston, Louisiana. This full-time, on-campus program "prepares its graduates for careers in colleges and schools of business that emphasize outstanding teaching and research relevant to private and public organizations. Our students are expected to attain a strategic perspective on business, a command of the theoretical, technical and pedagogical aspects of their chosen field of study and develop a research agenda emphasizing both contributions to practice and discipline based scholarship." This degree is comprised of 18 hours of coursework in Management, 24 hours of core coursework which qualifying students may waive if they possess the proper academic experience, two minor areas of 18 hours total, and the dissertation. The tuition rate for this DBA is an attractive $20,520.

Kennesaw State University

Holding the distinction as the second-largest business school in the state of Georgia, Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University offers an on-campus DBA advertised as "an innovative program combining the rigor of a traditional doctoral program with intense classroom study allowing full immersion into state of the art academic research content and methods, along with a European style mentorship model supporting the student in conducting independent, original research." The business school, which receives its excellent business accreditation through the AACSB-International, has designed this degree to be completed by working professionals in three to four years. The tuition rate for this degree is an incredible $13,584.