What can I do with an Online Master’s in Sports Management?

Have you ever wondered if there are careers available for people who have a passion for sports, as well as business knowledge? If so, earning an Online Master's degree in Sports Management could be the next step to finding a job that combines your passion for sports and teaches you the skills necessary to be a top candidate for premium sports teams and companies. Once you have completed your degree there are many attainable career options for holders of sports management degrees, each with a unique set of benefits. Here are a few of the top careers for individuals with a sports management degree.

Olympics – Every four years, the Olympic Campaign completely resets and begins planning for the next events. This includes many openings for a wide variety of marketing, planning, finance, and general management positions. An Online Master's in Sports Management and solid professional background could make you a top candidate for one of the most elite sports events in the world.

Agents – Many who earn their degree in Sports Management were athletes themselves. This personal familiarity with sports can make these individuals an excellent asset when it comes to spotting new talent. Sports agents not only scout talented individuals to join their teams, but are also the brains behind the intricate details that make up a team's overall performance.

Facility Managers – Another great option for those with a background in sports and athletics is a management job at an athletic facilities complex. While this job position doesn't typically involve working with athletes themselves, it does require extensive knowledge of the needs of those involved in the sports world. Facility managers make decisions regarding the types of equipment purchased, classes offered, and styles of training available at gyms or university fitness centers. An Online Master's in Sports Management degree is a great asset for this position because MSM programs cover topics such as management skills, finance, and data analysis.

Sports Marketing – For those sports fans who hold their Online Master's in Sports Management, who are creative and well organized, a job in sports marketing could be a perfect fit. Sports marketing specialist are responsible for designing the materials used to promote sporting events and sports teams, as well as planning and implementing public relations events. This category in and of itself can consist of a wide variety of positions and job responsibilities such as creating branded merchandise, coming up with logo designs, planning events for fans and much more.

Sports Partnerships – Graduates who wish to make an impact while still honing in on their love of sports should also consider a career as a Director of Sports Partnerships. This unique job utilizes the skills learned during an MSM program to create, plan, and organize community outreach events. Additional job responsibilities can include creating branding plans, communicating with corporate sponsors, collaborating with event and venue staff, and overall management within an organization.

With so many career options to choose from, an Online Master's in Sports Management couldn't be a better choice for driven individuals who hope to turn their love of sports into the career of a lifetime.