What degree do I need to be a marketing manager?

Marketing has never played a more crucial role in the success of an organization. As today's competing brands bring similar products and services to a customer base, it will often be the strength of a good marketing strategy that will set a company apart from the competition. Where companies once relied on expensive Super Bowl commercials to ensure their message to be broadcast to the masses, today's advertisers have more options than ever with such platforms as social media, online, and digital advertising.

One recent brand which capitalized on the strength of social media marketing was The International House of Pancakes which launched a Twitter campaign in 2018. As Natalie Kotun reports, "The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) announced on Twitter that it would soon change its name to IHOb. The pancake chain didn't provide details, and for the next week, people swarmed social media to speculate what the "b" might stand for. Breakfast, bacon, bankruptcy and even bitcoin topped the list of possibilities. Online mentions of IHOP soared 6,477% just one day after the news was teased." Such marketing success relies heavily on the understanding of a product's target market and the power of exponential exposure due to the nature of social media. Concepts like these and many other marketing strategies are taught to students seeking an education in marketing.

One of the very best degrees a business professional can attain is a Master's in Marketing Management. Here are just a few reasons why this degree is important.

A Master's in Marketing Management Allows a Professional to Stand Out

In today's global market, competition is fiercer than ever as professionals in marketing vie for top positions with corporations and advertising firms. Education and experience are always highly sought after by brands looking to bring high-quality employees on board. While many in the marketing industry attain an undergraduate degree in advertising, promotions, or marketing, fewer will go on to pursue a graduate degree in these fields. A master's in marketing management offers solid training in management and education in the area of current marketing tools and trends.

A Master's in Marketing Management Offers Solid Business Training

While many people are drawn to advertising and marketing because of the creative nature of the field, the business courses offered within an advanced degree in marketing management lay a solid foundation for business knowledge and understanding. Accounting, statistics, economics, and management are just a few of the important topics covered within the curriculum of this type of degree. Students within a marketing management program are also introduced to trusted marketing methods and how to plan and execute effective marketing strategies. This type of degree is advantageous for those that want to climb the ladder in their marketing career or even venture out as an entrepreneur.

A Master's in Marketing Management Broadens a Student's Network

A master's in marketing management is typically delivered within a 30-to-60 credit hour program which allows the student to learn in a number of different environments ranging from individual study to cohort groups and team-building projects. Many of the nation's best business schools employ educators with years of experience in business leadership. Students can glean valuable training from these instructors and benefit from their connections made in business over the years. Many careers in marketing and business have been initiated as a result of referrals made within academia. Many master's in marketing management programs also include internship opportunities which allow students the chance to get on the job training.

While a career in marketing management can be satisfying and lucrative, a high-quality education in this field is a smart move. These are just a few reasons why seeking a Master's in Marketing Management can prove beneficial to a business professional.