What kind of jobs can you get with a marketing degree?

As popular as marketing is for students seeking a degree in business, this field is also very competitive. While some students may pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree and then join the workforce, professionals with an online master's in marketing management definitely have a leg up on the competition. This degree combines a solid and comprehensive business education with relevant and up-to-date marketing strategy. A marketing management degree is a great way to get prepared for a number of positions in business. Here are just a few of the most popular positions one can consider within marketing management.

Advertising Account Executive

Also known as an "account handler" the advertising account executive is responsible for acting as a liaison between an advertising agency and the client. An advertising account executive may be directly responsible for helping clients identify and communicate their needs or oversee the staff who will have direct contact with the client. This position requires excellent communication and the ability to create and work within a budget.

Market Researcher

Market researchers collect, analyze, and process data for marketing clients. This data is then used by the client in order to make informed decisions about how to best market their products and services. This role is best suited for people with strong analytical, quantitative, and research skills. Professionals with an interest in sociology and the effects of products on certain demographics in the market will also be attracted to this position in marketing. Market researchers often report findings directly to market managers and other higher level management officers with influence on an organization's decisions and spending.

Product Manager

A product manager coordinates how a product is handled between the manufacturer and the marketplace. She will often be responsible for communicating values and direction for decisions made about a products design and build and then process and report the consumer's response to it. As Laurence Bradford writes, "the role (of product manager) sits at the intersection of business, technology, and design, combining strategy, marketing, leadership, and other skills with the end goal of launching an amazing product. The best product managers usually don't start their careers as product managers, though–it's a goal they work towards over time." Many product managers will begin their careers in marketing or even come from a more technical place like technical product management. As with most roles in marketing, product managers are good communicators with discernment for prioritization and problem solving.

Social Media Manager

The tides have turned in business and many organizations have had huge success with online marketing. The ability to post a hashtag, image, or video, and have that information go viral means a brand can create a slogan or campaign and use the power of organic marketing to see it reach the world: sometimes at no cost to the company. "Social media managers orchestrate the presence and refine the image of their organizations on outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Tech-savvy marketing majors with strong creative and writing skills can excel in this role. Social media managers tap the teamwork skills of the marketing major to work collaboratively with staff from other operating units at their firm."

With so many interesting roles in marketing management, it is no wonder that many professionals entering the world of business are pursuing degrees in marketing management. This field offers many creative opportunities for business leaders to coordinate in order to bring goods and services to the global market.